Use of baggage scanners


I’m not sure if the title describes this thread well but I couldn’t think of a better one (not native english speaking)
As we could see in the gameplay videos there are different baggage scanners to find weapons, explosives etc. In my opinion this kind of detail is great, but I wonder what happens when I decide to save space and money and don’t scan the baggage (or I scan it but don’t find the prohibited items). As I read in the emergencies thread it is not planned to implement e.g. hijacks or bomb explosions (in my opinion a good decision). But when there is nothing happening when I don’t find prohibited items it would be an unnecessary feature.

Is there something planned what should happen when I let “bad” baggage pass?

My idea is that there could be federal inspectors that test the security systems at the airport by checking in with prohibited items. When they or their baggage passes you will get an e-mail the next day, that your airport was tested, that there are security issues and you have to pay a high penalty (depending on the size of the airport). Maybe some airlines have special security requirements (when you have to pay penalties very often they won’t fly to your airport for some time)

What ideas do you have?

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Your suggestion falls between events and the modular security system.
I suggest you read those threads to get a feel for what has been said :smile:


I now read both but my question wasn’t answered (not even discussed). Have I overlooked something?


For once i’m gonna agree that something hasn’t been discussed and though those threads are more suited to the topic at hand it’s not a duplicate.

Based on a series of inferences and wild guesses I believe the current system is that airlines won’t come until you offer the requirements, including security, although I kind of like your idea of “Mystery shoppers”.


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Please read my post in the Minor Suggestions thread.


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Then I’m not the only one with this idea :smiley:
If I had found your post I wouldn’t have suggested it but I only searched for baggage.

So it is confirmed that there has to be scanning of the baggage or no airline will use the airport?
Then my question is reduced to what happens when prohibited items (from normal passengers) pass security?


We have the same idea but the devs haven’t responded to it.
Your question remains unanswered as well


I’m sorry :slight_smile: i misread and thought you meant letting passengers pass without being sufficiently checked. Which is why i sent you to the security topic.
The events topic is where is suggested what could happen. If your security is lousy, you have a random chance for an event about a bomb for instance :slight_smile:

If you check previous screenshots / devlogs you will see baggage scanning is present.

I apologize for any confusion i caused


It’s a good question as to what happens with security; what feel do the devs want the game to have?

The point of security from the game point of view can either be to meet in-game airline requirements and “random inspections,” or it can be to prevent simulated, real-in-game attacks involving actual danger to your game world.

For example, most Kerbal Space Program players aren’t too upset at killing Kerbals because they’re sufficiently unlike persons; in ACEO on the other hand, the passengers and environment are modeled with sufficient detail that I think the effect of simulated attacks on the tone of the game should be considered.

I’m not advocating either way of doing things, just think it’s worth considering–and either way, your airport will need security, just for slightly different reasons.


Maybe they can just implement it in a way that the whole security screening process just doesn’t work and the belts don’t operate? :slight_smile:


But that’s a bit boring… Might as well have a single block that does the whole baggage system if you’re gonna do it that way, and where’s the fun in that?


In most airport and in most countries baggage scanning is required by law. And if it weren’t added I think it would make the game kind of uggh because it takes a bit of realism out.


The system from the videos/gifs/dev log look like a good system so far. It seems that using the bag scanners bags are sorted if they have contraband and if they fail all checks they are checked by hand. Hopefully the next video will show a full baggage cycle.


Would be cool if they add in like a sorting system, so lets say Air Canada is in area 1, air france is in area 2, and so on, if a bag belongs in Air Canada it will automatically filtered to Area 1


The development blogs show a tile that can sort baggage to different baggage belts and along different paths. This seems to be used to allow multiple pick up or drop off points and increase flow of bags through scanners. V excited to see it working.


There is still an unaccountable situation. Where do rejected baggages go? There is a gif below from DevLog 45 and it seems that rejected baggages just turn around again and again. Then what happens when there is no room for new rejected baggages?


Right now it just goes around. This is the explanation:


But @Fredrik then there wouldn’t be rejected baggages rolling around baggage belts and causing baggage traffic? I know I shouldn’t pick my nose but it seems like a game breaking bug to me.

What about rejected baggages will divert to arrival baggage belt? A simple baggage belt construction can be enough. Also the game engine knows that which baggages will be rejected and the owned passenger of baggages so when x-rays confirm a rejected baggage, the passenger will divert its route to arrival baggage belt, take its baggage and leave airport?


Think it would be nice if staff could remove baggage from the belt. Then either they take it to be destroyed, or they can open it to search. Maybe the belt would stop if there was a high suspicion package. I guess adding a new divert to quarantine wouldn’t be too much code either? Either built in to advanced scanners, or obviously not necessarily in pre alpha, but you’d imagine the most basic baggage system would be searching each bag manually, followed by a single manned scanner and then getting more complicated.