Utilitie​ questions


What utilities will there be in the game? Just electricity and water or will it be more advanced with things like gas, hot water, cold water and sewage? Also will we have to construct the pipework and cabling (like Prison Architect) or will it automatically construct (like sim airport)? A final question would be if we have to build the pipes and cables will there be specific items (like sub stations and pumping stations) we have to build to allow the utilties to function. A cool thing I would like to see in the game is utilities supply failures (power and water cuts)!


There won’t be piping and cabling in the game at the moment.


The devs have mentioned it on the discord group, Fedrik said “[utilities will be] Free for now, not even started on electricity and water. I guess it will depend on the demand”"


it would be nice if it will be implemented in a future update.
Maybe even with a option add the beginning of a new game to have it enabled or not