Vending machines [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Strange question and I don’t think it’s been asked, but Will vending machines be implemented? Also will these shops become more complex with store rooms, staff movements and office staff and offices? I’m wondering because I do work in retail and will be happy to share my experience for the sake of future development!


Vending machine will absolutely be implemented! Do share you ideas here for franchise management, would be fun to hear. What would you like to see implemented?


Storage Rooms for shops would be a great idea!
That would go hand in hand with shops running out of merchandise they sell :smiley:


Ok, I would like to see restocking of shelves- this happens a lot so it requires someone going into a stockroom and getting cardboard boxes out. If it’s in a restaurant these are normally from chillers which are cooled stockrooms, or freezers which are for meat and non liquid products. Also having staff rooms in the zone where there’s chatting, toilets etc could be good to see. I mean, from my experience this is essential in retail.
Customers enquires are needed,asking staff for things is important and also complaints and arguments as well as queues building up.
Finally offices within franchises where a manager is working- either stock control or whatsuch to operate the franchise.

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I like it, but wouldnt that be a lot to squeeze into say a small coffee shop? Vending machines are an absoloute must though. As long as they dont all say kitkat on them (theme hospital) “Doctor required in slack tongue clinic”. Ooh think ive got a case of the squits coming on! :slight_smile:

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Would be really cute to have a small coffee shop, maybe a fast food place could be cool to watch with people moving very quickly.

One thing that I don’t think has been touched on is the logistics operation of getting commercial goods to shops. My experience is operations at Gatwick so this is where I’m drawing my knowledge from, it may be different at other airports or in different parts of the world.

Gatwick has some shops before security ( ‘landslide’ ) and many many more in the international departure lounge. Getting stock landslide is easy. Lorry drops goods at landslide goods bay. Staff move cages of goods to shops.

Outside goods are either dropped landslide in cages and every box of goods is taken out of the cages, put through a security checkpoint in the basement and then it’s reloaded on the cages and wheeled to the shop. Not much stuff comes this way.

Commercial goods come in the backs of pre sealed lorries supplied by specialist off site, secure warehouses. The cab, driver and wheels are searched and the seal tag is checked at the vehicle security entrance. Then the lorry drives along airside service roads to a cargo bay. The sealed cages are off loaded. A security officer might check some of these seals. Cages are wheeled to shops by store staff.

The logistical challenge here in game could be great. Early days, goods move on foot though the terminal. Later, due to the larger number of airside shops, an outside cargo bay needs to be created. This puts pressure on your service road infrastructure but eases workload and frees up space inside the terminal.


And progress on this ? Last entry is from oct 17.

Progress? This is just an idea, so I’m confused.

Sorry for misunderstanding. I just wanted to know if there is any progress, as the devs confirmed that they will be implemented. :grinning:

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Oh yeah, I’m sorry. As far as I know they’re not working on them yet.

There once was a documentation on the subterranean levels of an airport - a whole city invisible to the traveler which was about all of the logistics there. With airport levels we are a step close to that. Now fill it with life…

Vending machines are still projected. How soon™ is another question…