Venezuelan / Switzerland Airlines

Here are my Venezuelan Airline Mods so far…

Actually i’ve done:
I took a look at the history and choose some of the historical fleet.

The only available aircraft right now is ERJ190.
And yes it is included too in my Mod :slight_smile:

Same here, i did B737-600 but they only have/had 737-200. I did the green and the blue livery. maybe will add some other historical fleet airplanes too…

Work in Progress:
SkyWork Airlines from Switzerland, sadly they stop operating in Bern last fall…

There are a lot more Airlines, also some historical from Venezuela and Switzerland in future…

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Hi , i saw your mods. If you want you can join the aceo Modding Group . But just if you want that.
If you like to join us , just say it to me :slight_smile:
PS: You need for that a trello account (but it is free)
Thank you for your mods :slight_smile:

SkyWork Airlines
from Switzerland is done
The operate at the end with Saab2000 in a simple livery so better at all to use the Dash some years back.

Helvetic Airways
Helvetic Airways is a Swiss Airline based in Zurich