Newbie here. Have spend a lot os time in airport as a road warrior and I think what would make teh game realistic is option to have walkalators. Also the last airport I made was very long and took a lot of time for PAX to reach the gates from the checkin.


Welcome to the forum! Walkalators (or travelators) would indeed be a nice feature to get your PAX around the airport faster! There is a feature request by @BBoyJD10 for which you can vote for in the next voting round. No date yet for the next round, but keep an eye out on the forum and the feature voting category to stay up to date. Hope you enjoy the game with all the great features already in it.


Devs already made this, it was tweeted about long ago. They had issues with pathfinding or something. Maybe it gets put in game after those issues are fixed.


True, would indeed be nice if they enable it again, but could also be depended on the feature voting hence the link. :wink:


This would be a great idea indeed!!! But I feel like it can be implemented at a later date as it is only used in large airports and currently, large airports don’t work well in airport ceo, but the new Person Rendering update will fix this issue I think


Current builds in testing see this differently, so, hopefully we will have them soonish!


Having them is always better then not having them, so let’s hope indeed!


I hope so too!