Warm welcome to the new team member


A warm welcome to the new Apoapsis Studio team member @Alexander! :hugs: Hope you will have a great time working with Olof & Fredrik on ACEO! I think I speak for the whole forum that we are very happy that you join the team, as we can enjoy even more great content for ACEO :airplane:



You should mention him/her. Then we know who to send constructive feedback :smiley:


The new hire will join tomorrow and greet you! I’ve passed along your regards and they were greatly appreciated! :smiley:


The new team member is called Alexius

I hope that with the new team member Aceo can be taken to new heights :slight_smile:



Welcome to the Apoapsis Studios @Alexander :smiley:


Yes, welcome! Later this week he’ll probably post a new thread introducing himself! :wink:


Welcome @Alexander!


Welcome @Alexander! :confetti_ball::balloon::tada:


Does he know about Soon™ :rofl:


Hello everyone!
Thank you for such a warm welcome! I’m considering myself extremely lucky to join this amazing team with such a lovely community! I will definitely introduce myself (background, duties, etc.) in a separate thread this week! Looking forward to discuss and develop ACEO with all of you! :smiley: :heart: