We need the MAX


I put this here because I did not know what topic to put it
I do not think I’m the only one who expects / wants the 737 max

Although there are more important priorities, this is a suggestion


But why though, Isn’t A320 already enough? I don’t know if any 737 were introduced (i’m new here), but if it is, then why added the MAX when it’s basically the same?


of 737 we have the 600 and the 800 but some companies have better designs in the winglet of the max than the ng (600, 700, 800, 900) it would also be better to see other companies that have max and do not have 800 or 600


Currently, the NG-series is more common than the MAX, so maybe it’s better to only include the NG since almost everyone uses them now, for the sake of realism. But i agree, thoose MAX’s winglets looks so sexy


I already made a MACX model but i can nog implent it yet as the mod manager for aircraft is not ready.


it’s good to hear that, hopefully finish it