Weather Regions & De-Icing Operations

I have a couple questions for the developers.

  1. How are regions on the map set up when selecting the location of a new airport?

  2. How are the regions connected with weather?

  3. What are the regions where it gets below 32F/0C for deicing operations? Is this by latitude, region, elevation or any other method?

Im curious because I have an airport located at Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA which is very high desert so it gets very hot but it also gets very cold and snows on occasion and gets below freezing, however I have not seen it get below 32F/0C in the game yet for my ABQ location.

Just curious to also see if there is a way to adjust this personally so that it will be possible to use the deicing feature at my airport without forcing a snow storm with the F10 function and breaking game play.

Thanks for any information or clarification on this :slight_smile:


I did quite a bit of research earlier in the year and found a global average weather map. Subsequent research has also been undertaken so that more relative and realistic weather should be locale appropriate. Iā€™m not sure of the implementation status though.


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