Welcome to the Airport CEO forum!


Hi there and welcome to the Airport CEO forums!

We’re really glad to have you with us. This is a community centered around the development of Airport CEO, a 2D tycoon and management game in development for PC and Mac where you take seat as the CEO of your own airport.

What is the purpose of this?

This is a platform on which we currently discuss the following topics:

  • Ideas and Suggestions
  • Questions
  • General Aviation
  • Announcements
  • Support & Bug Reporting

What rules do we have to follow here?

In order to to keep this place nice and friendly, in short, these are the main guidelines:

  • Posted content must be related to Airport CEO or aviation.
  • Do a quick search before you post a new topic in order to avoid duplicates.
  • Be friendly.
  • Have fun!

You can learn more about the forum, guidelines and how we operate in the FAQ.



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