Wellington International


Hmmmm, things are taking an interesting turn here…

The first steps of another redesign, this one is definitely more interesting though…


Well, what can I say. The demolishment and rebuild caused the game to glitch and not run smoothly.

Sooooo, it is with again a new rebuild. This time done the new way from the start. Had a few landings now and got two temporary stands up and running to bring some money in. It is very liberating though building from this new start I will say that.

And a little confusing. Being used to building bottom up then switching to bottom down is a little weird. Thank goodness for being able to rotate the map.

I’ve switched a few onto the possibilities this way of building can be used too which is awesome.

Awarding points for observation too.


So, this is how it now stands (no pun intended) after a new start to the game. I managed to glitch it again at some point, do’h!

It is now however about to go under a redesign again. Nothing fancy, just a couple more bits of tarmac between the two centre bays. Remove the centre bays closets to the terminal to make way for shops etc and once that done and got at least four stands up and running I’ll start plumbing in the baggage bay system. Oh what fun awaits :grinning:

Not having to deal with roads has been excellent though. I’ll start using them again when they can go under runways etc. Not being able to have them cross has been holding me back. Feel very liberated now :smiley:


Here we are after the redesign. Things are a litter wider shall we say. Lots of room to grow. I’ve tried to rely solely on real life airlines at Wellington, but alas I’m growing it too large and so will have to enlist not real life contracts. There are some excellent work out there though to choose from.

About to put the baggage system in place. Let’s see where we go from here…


Most excellent. A self contained terminal. Loving this way of design and building. Had to shift the whole thing down by quite a notch though. Ugh. Still, done now. :joy:

Also, had to get rid of GA for now. I’ll put it back in at some point.

Ignore random walls. That’s me planning where how things work and fit together.


AND!!!, we have a full circle of taxi way now. Hopefully this will help with the flow. Bottom runway arrivals, top runway departures.


Having never been in this situation before I don’t know what to do… Experiments abound!!!

I need to sort check in, baggage, security, food, shops, everything really. So excited to experiment again. Thank you @subway


After an early morning rush of departures, Wellington’s current 18 stands are all full. Left had side is pure Air New Zealand, right had stands is a mix of Qantas, Virgin Aus and Jetstar. Middle stands are a mix of Fiji, Olympus, Air Strada and Swiftly.

I’m open to ideas about how to build out the centre too. I need to fit in luggage in there anywhere… This is a new build, there’s still some game issues such as PAX arriving and departing without even doing anything. Bottom runway is arrivals with departures on the top. Having a one way flow of traffic has resolved most (read 95%) of my ATC issues, yes! :smiley:


Let’s hope Sydney Bristow is not aboard and they don’t get LOST! @Jettuh

As it’s obviously not apart of MM @EG0611 @pderuiter… If anyone wants Oceanic, just shout.


Ha that’s awesome!!!


Nice to see a full line up of ANZ again. Been a while…

To get enough aircraft to fill six stands over 24 hours over each day and simulate my own hub for ANZ I have three very subtle ANZ contracts taken out. Still need more in reality. Given I’ve made my ANZ livery, I now know what I need to alter to make each one show up and kinda work. Give me it as a hub with quadruple flights please @olof

Could the contract system be updated to allow for hub airlines whereby so many gates are only available to a certain airline (gate coding could be used? X No of gates given a airline times number of available flights?) with an increase in the nº of flights available for that airline? That should not be so complicated coding wise?


Ot oh, looks like Oceanic have gotten their hands on some 757’s @Jettuh We’re “Lost” for sure. :rofl:


Hmmmmm, Wellington International seems a little lacking… Let the renovations commence…


Gate seating is normally a prerequisite. However during the rebuilding it took a back seat (ha no pun intended) was fascinating watching the PAX gather around their gates.


Sooooo, as many as you might know I’ve been experimenting with larger aircraft. I think I have finally figured out spacing I need to accommodate them.

This is a new build with right now a single pier of stands. The south of which is to accommodate large aircraft. The northern side is basic mid stands with suitable taxiway for when I build to the north more medium stands on a new terminal arm.

Right now, the check in area need relocating and enlarging but to do that, I need to unlock the right hand area.


Soooooo, latest build update. A new version based on previous iterations. Wellington now has four large gates on the south side of concourse A. The north side of A will have five medium stands. Once they are completed the plan is to build concourse B with another five internal stand and more large stand to the North as well as purchasing the other land areas.

This is an in-game image I will say though. Take a look at the space you’ll need for large planes, I have 777-300’s and they are quite a bit larger than the 777-200’s you see here. It has had a little PS work, but no where nearly as much as you’d think.


Sooo, I’ve spent the money on moving everything north a few blocks… I thought it would be about three mill to do so. Ha. I’ve spent more than that and only got four stands re-allocated built.

Bare in mind this is the old larger map size, this is built to handle large aircraft (yes I sudo (root) have them) and the space they need too, A LOT. I’ve now rebuilt with taxiway A and B for the south runway. I need to save money now to build the next four stands. With everything built to this scale, small aircraft actually look small unlike they used to look large on previous builds.

Oh, yeah, there are two 747s parked alongside two 777-200s.


Look at runway length and 747 length :smiley: Before 747 reaches V1 (or lets say V0.1 :stuck_out_tongue: ) runway ends


When I’ve got the money I’ll be unlocking that parcel of land to the right. Runway is over 900m at the moment. It needs to be wider as well. Hence all the space left around it. But yeah. Totally agree.


Well, the current runway is labelled as a “small” runway, so I wonder when we’ll get a “large” runway. Maybe when A330s are implemented?