Wellington International


able the A330 is launched with the medium runway and the heavy stand


They are BIG indeed! Do you have those big birds flying in actually, or are they PS-ed in the picture?

Also looks like you don’t really use the contractors to build the place :thinking:

Are PAX only coming in through the subways? Wasn’t aware that was an option, must try that out :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah these are flying in game. But that image has had a little PS work done on it.

Yeah. Subways only.


Looking like an ANZ hub too me :grin:


Hub Status update. Woot.

Hubs are possible, but you need to know how to fiddle the contracts.


how are you doing that with the contracts


Just the same as you would any livery via the MDK.


Why do you spawn mostly small plane flights. With only medium stands?


These are mainly A320, B737-600 and B737-800s. The Mount Cook and Air Nelson are the only ones that fly the ATR72 and Q400 (this is the Widero mod) not the game version alas :frowning: Be released please. These are medium flights all of them. My work-around to get my livery variations since that got bugged a few builds ago as planes didn’t spawn random liveries right now. IE Each different livery is its own contract. Also allows me to have lots of ANZ flights which a hub would have. :slight_smile:

EDIT Do’h! I get you question now. New build. Not altered the sliders.