We're back!

Personal Message to Olof.

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OK thanks


Love the little spot of the Nuclear plant. Visited one about 20 years ago in Cape Town South Africa, fascinating thing… But please, don’t delay let see the magical white board again for a peak at what can be expected!

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Thank you for your wonderful welcome back wishes everyone! :smiley:

I’ve now sent out replies to anyone who’s contacted me about access to the German version. Thank you for helping out and if anyone else wishes to try it then just drop me a PM.

This is the first proper work day we’re all back so from here on out it’s full steam ahead! :sunglasses:


Welcome back guys! Good to read you had a good holiday and ready for the next phase, can’t wait to see what will be next :relaxed:

Just came back from my holiday as well and fully charged to start testing again! Let them updates roll on in! :+1::airplane: