West Paris International Airport

West Paris International, A Amazing Airport In Quebec, (Canada), Thats Under Construction. It’s Will Have A Small GA Section, A International Section With 12 Large Stands, 12 Medium Stands, And 4 Large Remote Stands. It will Be Top Notch With Security, And Almost Fully Automated. 1st Update When Staff Area Is Done

Sounds great so far!

Staff Zone Completed!

Next Up, Terminal 1, And The Services. GA Will Be In Place By End Of Phase 2.

GA Is Done, Still Working On The Terminal, ETA Tomorrow, Most Likely Earlier

Any updates yet?

I got carried away and did the runway and stuff and so I will do update Tommorrow

My game now crashes while loading it. Will post unfinished file.

Wish you the best of luck! :slight_smile:

Good thing files are easy to access