What could explain this?


No queues at Security. Between check-in & Security, no franchises to distract them, just ‘rest rooms’. They cannot stay in there for hours can they?

Unless they are very nervous flyers I suppose…

Is there any way of finding exactly where the missing passengers are?

You can click the boarding desk (when it’s open) and check the green dots below the PaX to check where they are…

Great tip thnks!

But I could not find the missing PAX. The plane left without them.

On another flight with a long boarding gate queue, the 2 missing PAX did not join the line, but the plane left with the correct number of PAX?

I often get planes leave with missing PAX, I guess this mimics real life : some people just get lost in airports… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only tend to get this if the passengers have not cleared security when the flight boards and the game decides not to delay the flight to allow the passengers to get there.