What do you want to see in A35?

This is the place to chat and suggest things to see in A35. Devs can see what we all want for the game.
Hearts are basically the voting system so more hearts means it’s wanted more

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For me I think we need to be able to set bus, car, subway, and parking to gates. Same with check in desks not using baggage.

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Multiple Livery!


Oh yes 100% yes

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Overnight landing/ takeoff slots should be worth less and peak time slots worth more. Very late or very early arrival/ departures should generate less money, Now we can assign airlines to stands would be cool if an Airline could base Aircraft at our airport, maybe have Planes stay overnight, prehapse on remote stands.

Restrictions vary around the world, some airports have limited overnight aircraft movements, some only allow landings, some are totally banned , would be cool to see restrictions if you choose your airport location very close to a city or prehapse have the restrictions based on the difficulty level you select.


For me personally its improvement with airline contracts and some progression related to that. There have been some feature requests with the same that go into great detail but the process of building a true relationship with the airlines. Assigning gates, check in desks , lounges and eventually terminals to the airlines will be great!


To create the ultimate terminal for Steam workshop, I’d like:

One way doors (!!!), one way escalators (2x8), narrow stairs (2x6 or smaller), elevators of different sizes and features, with the ability to select which side the doors open on each floor (or both sides) and the ability to select whether its for passenger and/or service use. Draggable one way walkavators/travelators (x2 width), priority security lanes, self-service bag drop, dedicated ‘lounge’ rooms, with the option to set it as a paid room (eg. Aspire/Plaza Premium), or a business or first class room affiliated to an airline or airlines of your choice, multi-storey parking, the ability to create pick-up and drop-off areas on different floors eg. Drop-off stops on 2nd floor and Pick-up stops on ground floor, an increase in the amount of buildable floors above ground, airline service desks, airline specific check in desks/ check in areas, car rental and bus transfer desks at arrivals, far greater spawning of buses, taxi’s and cars, better vehicle routing (service vehicles U-turn or turn at odd positions), the ability to create a flight connections/transfer area, to operate as a hub airport, some recognition below ground of the placement of a subway stop, rather than a staircase to nowhere, general improvements in passenger and employee behaviour and wayfinding, and finally, make passengers actually want to use shops and restaurants past security, a lot more!

Not an exhaustive list, or anything :wink:


Finally finally, add in the ability to overlap escalators and stairs to different floors, just like in real life!

Whilst it may not be very clear from a birds-eye view in gameplay, would be super useful.


A35? More Airbus A350 versions including modkits please.


More small and medium planes and car models. Varietas delectat.


Yes. This.

Throw in the ability to create mezzanines/balconies/transparent flooring to floor below too!


This and


On a related note to the ability to overlap escalators and stairs, have the ability for escalators and stairs to completely bypass certain floors.
I like to build remote gates connected with a tunnel and it would be nice to have escalators that can go directly from the basement level to the 2nd level bypassing the ground level.


Yes, agree. Maybe position escalator endings right next to each other, which creates a seamless escalator that bypasses that floor.

Game reconising separate terminals


and allow for room shapes other than rectangular, by zoning rooms next to each other, to create one seamless room. Good for creating L shaped rooms, for example.


Ok yes

Here is my list of things I would like to see in alpha 35 if possible, or in future updates at least.
I haven’t played the game in a while now (since june) so excuse me if any of this is already implemented.
I also recognize that some of this have been already suggested in this thread, that means that I second the idea:

One way doors (already announced for implementation).

One way escalators. in other words, single escalators, not both of them going both up and down (already announced?).

Bypass stairs/escalators (connect ground floor only with the third floor, for example)


Jet bridges with different leveling options for departure and arrivals, like this:
(source: Ezeiza Airport, Argentina).

Different level drop off/in.

Trolleys and trolley stations (don’t know if is called like that; the place were you pick/leave the trolleys)

Lounges (buildable if possible, otherwise preset).

Car rental, bus/taxi desks (to order buses/taxis).

Lost baggage desks (I guess this would come in future updates where lost baggage is a thing)

Different info screens sizes and orientation (we have horizontal already, I’d like to see vertical ones) and the option to be place them hanging from the roof/wall (the current ones have legs to the floor) so you can have the screens above doors, for instance.

Different classes (economy, business) and queues for them (both check-in and boarding desk).

Auto check-in machines and auto baggage check-in machines. Don’t know if that’s the name of them, this is what I mean:

(source: Wellington Airport, New Zealand)

Vending machines.

This is not a new feature, but a improvement of one: the ability to build the security checkpoints. Right now the big ones take too much space, in my humble opinion, I’ll rather have the machines (metal detectors, baggage scanners) so you could put them closer, and a new zoning tool for security checkpoints. Also, the queuing system for them should be different, one or two big queues for all of them and passengers goes to the first that is available.

Standby stands so when one stand is occupied because one flight is delayed, the next flight can go to said standby stand avoiding more delays and chaos.

Trains to connect terminals, where you have to build the tracks and the station (the station could be a preset so it would be easier to build) and buy (though procurement) the cars. Otherwise buses, but I prefer trains.

Train station. As we have the road connection, I would like to have a train track next to it so you can build a station to connect the airport with the exterior, and once built you have to order the train system through procurement (but not buy the cars, because this would be and extension of the city current train system).

Those are all my ideas at the moment. I’ll add more if some comes to my mind.


Biometric e-gates for boarding and passport control would be cool too.