What is your secret to learning to photoshop?

I’ve been looking at the design contest submissions (i know it’s already ended) and I must say they all look really cool! So just in case there was another design contest, (perhaps for delivery companies delivering stuff for your shops) I want to be ready. I know the chance is low, considering the game is about to be released but still how did you guys learned it? Did you just experimented or read some online tutorials?

The game has been released.

The game is in Early Access (Alpha) phase, so not officially released as in a version 1 release.

@anndy I think Google is your friend in this one, there are numerous online tutorials to find on sites but also in video. But the best way of learning is just getting your hands dirty and start working with it. The tutorials can help you on your way and tell you little secrets and useful tools to do things quicker or more logical, but it all comes down to just do it.

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