What was the first plane you have ever flown?


What was the first plane you have ever flown as passenger ? Since release is near I have just created this topic to keep us occupied and because I was curios.

I have flown for the first time when I was around 1 year old and it was Boeing 737-200 Air Slovakia. Both airline and plane are already gone.


My first flights was when i was a half year old, on a KLM 737 to Barcelona (doing IT again next wednesday)


Transavia Boeing 737-800 from Amsterdam to Lanzarote.


First flight I ever was on was a Cessna 172 that my grandpa took me up in, commercial was an Air-Tran 717.


I thought by “flown” was “driving the plane”.

I can’t remember the type of plane I flown in, but I remember it was a flight from Denpasar to Surabaya by Garuda Indonesia (I think).


First plane was when I was 8 months old on Delta (JetBlue is what we take nowadays) A320-200 to Barbados.


Dash-8 Q400 operated by FlyBe. Flew from Manchester International Airport (EGCC) to Paris Charles De Gualle (LFPG)

(Not the actual aircraft :smiley: )


First flight was on a 747 from schiphol to koningin beatrix luchthaven when i was 12. Well technically also when i was 2 but i dont remember much of that flight


When I was around 2, an Easyjet A319 from Newcastle (NCL) to Exeter.

Although the first one I can remember was a British Airways Boeing 737-400 from Edinburgh to London Gatwick.



When I was 4 years old on A Airbus A320 Iberia from Madrid - Ibiza IMG_0088


My first commercial flight was in an easyJet A319 from Amsterdam to Manchester.
The first plane I flew myself was a Cessna 173 at airport Teuge (NL)
Now I only fly fpv racedrones.


British Midland Fokker 100 from Glasgow to Jersey.


My first flight ever was now 16 years ago: LTU Airbus A330-300 STR-TFS. Only 2014 I managed to get on sth bigger than this… :open_mouth:


My first plane: A320… 2hr flight.

My biggest plane: A350… 8hr flight.

My dad tho has been into widdde range of flights… From Caravans to Private (company) Jets and Fokker 100 to A380s… I think I can say he has been into 25+ core models… of 7/8 Airplane manufacturers altogether. Almost all of modern age models of Boeing And Airbus. His company makes him travel a lot, especially in the last few years.

Best part is he doesn’t know the name of even 1 model… He forgets even if u tell him… (I told him A380 and he doesn’t remember that name)… He has NO interest in Airplanes. I keep a track of his flights tho.


Liat Dash 8 Q300 from Barbados to St. Lucia

download (1)


My first flight in a A321 from Barcelona to Zurich.
We had technical problems with the car(and other problems = horror holidays) :frowning_face:


As a passenger, EL-AL 747 (no idea which type, probably 400 1,2 or 3 which has since been phased out) Toronto to Israel direct when I was 4 yrs old. Incredible fun for me running up and down the isles of the huge plane, not so much for my parents. :slight_smile:

I always loved flying.

Oh yes, it was a 19 hour flight including time zones, which makes it about 12 hours actual.


My first was a 747-400 from Boston to frankfurt on lufthansa. Don’t remember any of it though since I was <1 year old, but still continue my “pilgrimage” every year!


Can’t remember the first years but there was a lot of flying those years for me as a toddler. The first I can remember is a B767 from Caracas to Santiago, I was 8 y.o. Since then I’ve flown in A320, B787, B737 and some I can’t remember. Not really a frequent traveller yet but hoping to become one very soon


It has probally been a 737-300 to Malaga, but the first i personally remember was a 747 trip from cph to malaga with stop over in zurich to pick pax up.