What's the most money you've made from a shop/food contract?


Be interested to see different people’s strategies for placing shop/food rooms and how effective they are at making money.

My best to date is almost $600 000 on a 9 day food contract. My airport currently handles 48 medium flights per day and made just over 50 000 sales in the 9 days. It’s positioned in the unsecured area. Between the two external doors leading to the bus stops on one side and the subway on the other.

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I wonder, why the shops make so different money. I got one cafe in an area, everybody deboarding has to pass…very profitable. I have another, where people are waiting for the flights…not so much. Shops are horrible and do not meet goals. Either I do something wrong or something is odd. Also, when doing contracts, it is only ridge counters that matter - not the other types.


@jasperwillem has written an help & tutorial around this topic:

But indeed shops are ‘bad’ in fulfilling a contract, restaurants are good money makers but depended on the amount of PAX in your airport and the location. Shops is something that should be tweaked in the future in the economics system.

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