Where will your first airport(s) be?


Mine will be in Detroit


I’ll start in Germany… But an Island like Hawaii would be great




:joy: Sylt is a more likely fit to Hawai’i if you want some “luxury”. :grimacing:

(from Europe Hawai’i is luxury, I heard from the US it’s not? :frowning: at least Big Island isn’t)


Ja geil… Rügen ROFL :joy:

not bad



(now everyone is googling Sundsvall to find out where the that is…)


Then I guess ORD would be the perfect spot for you! :slight_smile:


Just go for Kiruna or Luleå so you can get “proper” snö and halka :slight_smile:


Ill be building in the northen parts of Sweden, and ofc ill try to build my home airport Skellefteå. :slight_smile: but then i will expand it to more of an international airport :blush: Fingers crossed for lots of snow and The stress of clearing the runaway of it before the next airplane arive


@Olof and @Fredrik, can we expect a menu to choose where we’ll be based? AND, will there be only one airport per map, or is there capability of multiple airports?

Which leads me to this… Something I just thought of, and bringing up some past conversation of Multiplayer, what could be done, is MP option could allow flights to connect from our airports to other CEO’s airports, and so on! Our organization and fluidity of our airport would affect everyone else’s incoming and outgoing flights, I think. A nice challenge, I think.


Lol, you keep trying dont you?
More airports on 1 map doesnt sound fun. Even without the not coming multi player.

it adds nothing


Keep trying, what do you mean? I was simply asking a question, lol.


You did only ask a question, but the devs were pretty clear about the multi player part :slight_smile: It felt like you wanted to try one more time to have a reason to introduce it :wink:


BHX - Birmingham International :slight_smile:


As tycoon, I always just take the biggest lot airport in game, and start developing that lot ;). I like a big organised field, with all stuff neat and sorted. Little OCD like.


I will be trying to build something similar to heathrow. But would also like to try somewhere in australia.


In my hometown of course, wich is at the southern edge of germany :wink:


Mine will be eindhoven, the planes from there fly over my village every day


Probably BKK or HKT :smile:


Phoenix, being my home airport but might get bored of it quickly =p. Want to do San Diego, just to create a fictional one that has multiple runways instead of being landlocked.