Where will your first airport(s) be?


JFK. Been listening to ATC ground streams and it sounds interesting


Yes fianally someone from my homecountry


I may try HSV with a few updating tweaks to design.


Er zijn er wel meer hoor


Yup. Niet de enige


In Dubai! That a buetiful city


It’s a city in UAE…:wink::united_arab_emirates:


Dubai isn’t a country…


I’ll start in the Caribbean, my hometown in jamaica


My country cyprus is a touristic destination and n an entre islands(cy located at EU)has only 2 airports wich are small compared to european airports(not grass runways…)i would like to make a airport at cyprus to represent the old abandon airport(see top abandont airports)and rebuild it bigger and better


RIX / EVRA - Riga international airport, Latvia


LAX it’s my hometown:slight_smile:


Amsterdam netherlands


YYZ - Pearson International Airport.

(Not just a Rush song) :slight_smile: Actually they got the name for their song from the airport. :slight_smile:

But realistically since we have to start small, probably YKZ - Buttonville Airport, the airport I used to fly cessnas out of.

I seriously can’t wait for this game. Been waiting for a great one like this forever.


I would look at two mid size airports. Buffalo (BUF) and Cologne/bonn (CGN). Frequented them both at one time in my life.


I’ve been to cologne once, last Sumner. A really Nice And efficiënt airport


Norwich Airport is my nearest (EGSH), my nearest large international airport is Stansted (EGSS) so either of them would be where I start if not probably do Heathrow (EGLL), Cause I can do it better because i’m a smart arse lol


AMS for me, but 1 thing is 100% for sure. in the netherlands


Yes! at least someone is wants a British airport! As for me, I’m going to have Cambridge airport in Cambridgeshire, Britain.


Heathrow of course