Where will your first airport(s) be?


Brussels (BRU) and use my own layout! :smiley:


@aeroflot808, I am in Connecticut and am thinking along the same lines as you, but maybe use a NYC airport or even BDL! Guessing you are a Red Sox fan if you are a frequent flier of Logan!:rage: My airport would be something similar to Logan too, or maybe JFK. Getting off topic here, but are you in Boston or outside it?


I said my local airport, but I might have to try ATL!! It’ll definitely be a challenge seeing as ACEO won’t initially support ATL’s transportation infrastructure at first release!


I will probably try to make LHR (EGLL) but with my own twist to it :slight_smile:


Basically Boston. Not much of a baseball fan though. I love football though. Go Pats!


I will go with my closest airport to me, Frankfurt, Germany (EDDF) and try to reproduce Terminal 1 first. This will be hard tho due to the different layers of the airport.


Also like rofl-er reproduce my neighborhood: Frankfurt - Rhein-Main-Airport (FRA) :slight_smile:


Devs… I know this has been asked before.
Will we able to make angled buildings in future?? Like angled walls, angled bays, angled taxiways??

This is a pic of Frankfurt Terminal 1 (I think)
They have angles. @rofl-er and many more like me want to create real life inspired airports. Will this be possible in future?? Or will it just make things complex??
Also by angles I mean only 45°… Nothing else.


Would be nice, but it does mean they need to make double the models they’re already making alongside working out how to make things tessellate and fit together nicely so I don’t see it being a current thing…


I hope this feature will come at a later stage! This would be awesome to make some more realistic shapes but I highly doubt that this will be part of the first release. Just imagine that you would need to be able to rotate EVERY object in that case. You have to agree that it looks quite silly if you have 45° walls but you can’t place objects in the corners :slight_smile: But still… I would really appreciate this feature!


I think near my hometown in Holland.


Malmo Sweden. Definitely hometown patriotism on my part :wink:


If we choose different location, there will be have different features too? Or just same?


I would try to rebuild these two airports:

  1. CAN - Guangzhou Baiyun Int’l Airport, Guangzhou, China
    It’s my home city.
  2. YYZ - Toronto Pearson Int’l Airport, Mississauga, Canada
    It’s now the city where I live in.

Can’t wait for the day this game is release. I’ve come with so many ideas about building an airport!


Stansted. I love it! :joy:


Hannover, Frankfurt or Berlin but i tend to Berlin but with out to repeat the BER Story and finnaly to finish this airport in working condition.


Ireland. Recreate the whole atlantic hub thingy before planes could fly non-stop from elsewhere in Europe.


I reckon Kai Tak or Macau might be suitable for tutorial airports if tutorials are linearly guided and not open ended.


BUD - Budapest - Ferihegy, Hungary


You wont have to deal with shareholders, I would assume :stuck_out_tongue: