Where will your first airport(s) be?


The BER have no shareholders it is owned by staate Brandenburg and Berlin with 37%.
Oh not to forget 26% by the Goverment in other words it is a Public Project.

But Politics are time to time much worser as shareholders.


My bad - meant to write stakeholders :slight_smile: Anyhow, quite the mess indeed…


Oh yes and from the cost it would be slowly much cheaper to build this hole complex new
They don’t know then this airport finally open and with failures like they don’t know how do shut off the lights is more as understandble…


We most definitely will need to deal with stake-holders… For one the airlines will request stuff to us and so will the government so… Although probably not gonna be any major screw-ups with the requests…


But maybe with the building company like using cheaper cement or workers to make more profit or so


I will probably start one in Hannover. Not too big of an airport in real life so it should be realistic to start of small…:airplane:


I would start one, in possibly my local airport of Wollongong, here in Australia. I would do, Sydney Airport but I would like to start off with a smaller airport, then move up to Sydney. However, definitely be in Australia. I would possibly, even do my home country airport of Entebbe International, but I am not too sure. I am just do excited for the game.


My first airport will be JFK or anothere airport in/or New York


How far are you from McClellan–Palomar Airport?


Hopefully Colorado is a good place to start


I will build in my home town of Longmont. Where the airport would be a commercial airport with a decent sized general aviation parking area.


Cardiff if it’s a option or Bulgaria


Bristol will be my choice!


I think I will make my own Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.


EGBJ my local airport :slight_smile:


Lol that airport is tiny even smaller than most GA fields


If Gloucestershire is considered tiny then don’t bother coming to the UK for our airfields :stuck_out_tongue:
It has a tarmac runway, by definition it’s huuuuuuuge!


its going to be hard for how many terminals there are but LAX


Gonna have to be EGBB (Birmingham) for me


What aircraft do you define as GA?

Gloucestershire Airport is one of the most busy GA airports in the UK with a scheduled flight in the morning and evening There is 1 licensed runway for commercial traffic and is the preferred runway when winds calm with 3 other runways, one of them grass. When the cheltenham races are going on it it the second busiest heliport in the UK right behind the racecourse. The airport even holds a jet test centre for testing jet engines.