Where will your first airport(s) be?


That’s not ‘tiny’ dude. In fact it’s a huge airport for General Aviation. Update your definitions.:wink::joy:

What aircraft do you define as GA?

Probably B787s and A340s cause B737s and A319s can land on the airport. So he is referring to bigger planes.:sweat_smile::joy:

No offense.


Actually the airport doesn’t have any scheduled flights any more. The airline was liquidated.


Guangzhou really nice city


I would start mine in The Netherlands


Citywings, they did try using another aircraft but it wasn’t working so they have liquidated for now.


Zwolle, The Netherlands my home town, when Lelystads airport opens I LOVE to see the airplanes come over my home town! :smiley:


I’ll start is Spain :smiley: Maybe Barcelona (BCN/LEBL)


Oh thanks! It’s a pleasure to have someone likes my hometown


So then technically the airport for now does not have any scheduled flights then. Right?


I misread and got another airport,that WAS tiny


I learned to fly at EGNF, Netherthorpe. Now that is tiny :stuck_out_tongue:


My first airport will probaly in Lelystad to make the airport it desevers so it can i compete and make schiphol bigger then it is now


I think i’ll be going for my favourite holiday destination for my first airport … KLAS :wink: Nice to have a large hub in the desert serving your gambling needs! :joy:


i think i will bouild my hometown airport berlin-tegel not the troubel one from B. tegel is sooooo nice it is kind of a drive-thure airport where you get tropped out of the car 20 m away fromn your gate it is just so nice and smooth everything there. I love these airport so much and now the stupid goverment plans to close it even without being able to finish the other one and already knowing that it will be to small.


At first i thought it was a Farm… Then i saw the runways.


In my glorious hometown of Huddersfield!:joy:


My first airport will be:
(DXB)Dubai Intl-Because It has a good airport and facilities
(FRA)Frankfurt-It has a big airport and many airlines operating in FRA


Bratislava M.R.Stefanik BTS,LZIB


Probably HEL due to it’s strategic geographical placement (good for connections between EUW/NA+CA --> Asia). Besides that, I love the country.

Otherwise it’ll be AMS.


I’m going to build my home airport of Pittsburgh (PIT) I’m hoping to make it as realistic as possible.