Where will your first airport(s) be?


I will build my first airport in Sweden, since im born in Sweden. I want to make a replica out of Stockholm Arlanda airport. So hyped for this game!


I want try to build Malpensa or Linate airport (Milano, Italy).:it:


No doubt it will be somewhere in Denmark! But I’ll build my own airport in the first game! In time I might try to reconstruct Copenhagen (Kastrup) Airport, CPH. Including the major expansion, they have started to construct, so the airport can take up to 40 mio. Passengers a year :slight_smile:


Rome Fiumicino International - Leonardo da Vinci , the airport of my city :smile::heart::it:


London, UK


good luck in building this when the game comes out keep us updated on the forms when the game is out


Yorkshire, UK. Possibly somewhere near the location of Leeds Bradford International Airport (EGNM).


Hopefully, I could start my airport in my home island Barbados or any where in the Caribbean.


Definitely want to try to replicate Denver International Airport. Probably will be tough with the initial release not capable of covering Denver’s underground transportation but as the game improves hopefully I can replicate it!


Probably in Southeast Asia I assume like Thailand or Myanmar or so. :slight_smile:


I’ll start with my home which is FDF in Martinique
I can’t wait to get my hands on the game!!


Qué Huddersfield. The best town in Britain… Citation needed.


Yes we’ll need a big airport now our teams in the Premiership.


I’m trying to decide between Baltimore (where I’m from), central Ohio (where I went to university), or St. Thomas (where I lived for about a year).


I’m looking forward to building Maple’s Main Hub in Canada. My airport will compete with Toronto’s Pearson Airport.


Rome , Fiumicino Airport - Leonardo Da Vinci :it: :it: :it:


I am planning on building it somewhere around Dallas Tx



Frankfurt because it needs a better and more modern airport than the actual one :wink:

Or Berlin except I plan on actually finishing it so that planes can land… :grin:


JFK or LGA in New York. Hoping I can set up a road network where you can split arrival and departure zones and mix parking with taxi and limo pick-up and drop off


Mid-Northumberland, in England.
Because, well - it is probably the most remote place where an airport could be in England!