Where's the money?

I’ve always been suspicious about that, so this time I paid attention…
I start a new airport and got $ 3,000,000.
I build and spent - $ 727,283
so I should have $2.272.717

But here’s this:

I have more the 2 Mio less…

where’s the money?

Edit: Better screenshot

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Where is your money?
Probably in the pockets of counstruction companys bankrupt sub-sub-sub-contractor…!
Or perhaps local construction supervision has made a visit and your COO “solved” issues…?
If you are sure, that you didn’t have to bribe any officals, I’d recommend, to file a complaint at your local police office… :rofl: :joy: :wink:

Honestly: I felt very often, that these values are still more fantasy, than reality, even if it is better than in early days. Thanks for validation and pointing it out, fully agree!

Thats for the DAY. Not all construction

The screenshot shows year one, day 2, 00:00. So it has only been one day yet. :wink:


Could it be, that these reportings are not working on a 0:00-23:59 base…?
But perhaps calculating e.g. 8:00-7:59…?
That could be at least an explanation…

So the 2 Millions burned in the night, when it’s dark?
No way.

The budget window should show me ALL.
A game with CEO in its name should give the player a accurate list of what precisely happens with the money.

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It’s ACEO 23118

Fully agree.

But I remember devs stating that these things are quite low on their priorities-list, but that they are aware of it…

Is it possible that the 2 million is still being build and will not be show until it is build?

For example when you place down a medium stand. The money you have will be deducted by 75k. But the financial report won’t show it until it is done being built.

That would be wrong, because the financial report should include it when it’s paid.
If it would be, then the report should show the 2 millions when it’s finished, but it never shows them.

Not sure if there were any objects to build when I took the screenshot.

I just checked in in game and when I place something down it already shows it on the financial report. So where your 2 million went to? :man_shrugging:

I suspect that expenses of some objects are not recorded in the budget. Just forgot them. Moonlighted.

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I just noticed this oddity:
In the first hour of a day (0:00 - 0:59), the budget overview for the current hour and current day should be equal, because all income / expense of the day took place in that one hour.
Look here: I had a cash flow of -17,222 € in the first 12 minutes (correct, I built new taxiways), but 0 accumulated for the current day.

Also, not related, I noticed that the day and date change occurs when the clock switches from 23:58 to 23:59. That is: MON 23:58 DAY 12 becomes TUE 23:59 DAY13.

That’s interesting; I also had the feeling that autosave happens not exactly at :00 but around :58, would match your experience of early day change.

When reading this, I remember that long ago (several alpha-versions, or so) devs shifted some of the 0:00 o’clock-calculations to other points in time due to performance issues…
Perhaps that’s the reason why…?

Correct, it’s something @Fredrik will take a look at when possible but right now we have more pressing Alpha 35 stuff to do. But yes, we are aware of it.


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