Which airlines should have 787s?


You guys decide! vote here:

  • Wildcat Air
  • Swiftly
  • Tulip Airlines
  • Trinity Aviation
  • Zoom!
  • Stripe Air
  • Sky Link
  • Sky Fly
  • Olympus
  • OKair
  • Maple
  • Nordic
  • Havana
  • Goose Wings
  • Forrest Air
  • CLM
  • Fly Penguin
  • Crown Airlines
  • Atom Air
  • Allure
  • Air Strada

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Which ones should, or should not? state your reasons in the comments!

Airport CEO Airline livery List

I want the first airlines of game heve 787 so I would say;



I think the SkyLink Livery would look pretty interesting on the 787.


Hmm, hard one want see all liveries in new plane :heart_eyes:


Maple would be the best in my opinion.


Maple already have 737-800. I prefer airlines without 737 or A320 to have 787. This will add varieties to the game.


There are only three airlines out of the 21 implemented that don’t have the A320 in there fleet.


Why not make airline contest once again. ACEO is now lacking on airlines a bit… :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree on current top 7 except Crown and Maple, because Crown already has B757-200 and Maple already has A320 ATR42 ATR72 B737600 B737800 CRJ700 CESSNA208 DHC6 Q400


Good Idea!