Why not add 2/3 Airlines that didn't win last design contest


Something like this

Or other beautiful ones.


Hmm… Why not :smiley: We have tons of good designers and they can create entire fleet of these airlines with new airplanes in game.


I too think it would be much wiser to dig up some older designs, rather than hold a new competition. But before new airlines are added, I would prefer to have some more sense in current airline fleets. Make them more logical, more aircraft family oriented (sure there would be some mixed ones). At this moment airline fleets are just too, as Spock would say, illogical. I am considering creating a new topic for this tiny issue.


At this moment airline fleets are just too, as Spock would say, illogical.

I agree on that. All airlines shouldn’t have all airplanes. Especially some small airlines shouldn’t have medium airplanes in their fleet.


I’ve tried to keep the liveries on new airplanes consistent. Fredrik likes to keep the numbers balanced though so each livery has roughly the same. It’s not easy and I somewhat agree as well. There’s a couple of outliers, Maple being the most obvious, but each has livery has generally between four and six planes. Given the work already completed on the existing fleets, I don’t think it will be just thrown away.

I would be interested in the post @Matex :slight_smile:


When making airlines more ‘logical’, it would probably also be nice to link services to airlines. Low-cost carriers will only demand basic services, while more prestigious airlines also demand more services. Low cost carriers would also have aircraft with more seats (economy configuration) that are mostly filled while prestigious airlines have less seats with less occupancy

I used to sometimes read the description on the contract when signing it but I don’t see the point because all airlines are essentially the same


I fully understand that they want to keep the fleets equal, but since more planes are going to come soon, it is just going to become a giant mess. For the sake of having more sense in airline fleets, I would say it would be worth to sacrifice a bit of work for the sake of future.


That would mean redoing the sprite packing which would be lot of work and Fredrik has enough on with everything else.

But having said that though, I’d be interested to see your thoughts as mentioned. :slight_smile:


Wait a second. Why we are discussin this? :smiley:

Somebody can make a mod of it with more proper distribution of airlines. So Maple will be same Maple but with mod, some of airplanes on it will be disabled.


That’s true.


This would also make sense when thinking of game progression. first you only have few airline contracts, because they only operate small planes or a mix of 2/3 small planes and 1/3 medium planes, wich of course wont land until you have medium stands and a long enough runway.

while progressing in the game and building better infrastructure, the other, more medium relatet airlines show up. Of course in the beginning more the ones with the smaller medium planes like ATR42 and 72, CRJ200 and 700, BAE and so on. of course this would mean extra work for the devs.

But i think when the time will come for them to omplement or overhaul the economic system something like this will come.