Will a sandbox mode exist in ACEO? ✈️


Is a sandbox mode with unlimited money going to exist in the final product of ACEO? I always like to just build and don’t have to worry about money and stuff like that. A mode like this would make the game so much more enjoyable for me and probably others.


Maybe at the sandbox we can have a setting of our money, however much we like we can type in. Much easier comapred to the hassle you have to do for games like Prison architect,


Hopefully there will be a sandbox mode at some point. Cause I always love to go ahead and experiment with different mechanisms and as you said not wory about money situation.


It is definitely going to be there as developers have said before but not in first release.

I can’t find the link or else I would have provided it…(This topic was discussed before on subreddit, I guess).


Yes it would be easy to just type in the funds we want.
But what if funds are disabled in Sandbox, just Build and Manage.

In PA, we just have to select the option for ‘Unlimited Funds’… I don’t know what hassle you r talking about.


Yeah, of course, super easy to implement. The first modes we will provide is a sandbox mode with unlimited funds and stuff like that, and a free play mode with the challenge of balancing your budget at different difficulty levels.


In the first release???because I heard it somewhere that it won’t be there… But if it is, then better for us😁


Do we have an idea of what the sandbox mode would be like? I like the one in PA as you can see how far into debt you have gone, so I try to keep running my prison to get it out of debt


Even I like this, Its good to have Idea implemented.
With this I can build airport of my dream like CDG, Paris…


I don’t know about sandbox mode, even if i would agree having one, but having seen their latest video it looks like you may have pleinty of cash and easy ways to get contracts and therefore money in that mode.


Yeah, that system is not really set in stone.

This was said by Olof in the Video Thread. The difficulty levels are currently temporary. Just to test the game. I hope they configure it before the first release. Sandbox will definitely be necessary. (Later). Because some people like me, plan to constantly spend money millions without any plans for profit. So for us a Billion isn’t enough. It’ll probably get over even before I build half my airport.

Also I think it’ll be easy to change values using the Cheat Engine. So I’ll make my starting $1 billion into 100 or 1trillion???


I feel like they are currently playing with an unlimited mode on the dev videos I cant imagine that much money is normal starting capitol.

I personally love PA’s sandbox mode. It makes
It feel still somewhat of a challenge. I’ll usually set myself up and say after the first few days I have to stay in the postive. Not to mention it actually lets you see if your ideas are profitable.