Will mods break savegames?

Hello, I was wondering if mods that add new airlines can break savegames.

Also, can they be safely removed from a save? I activated a mod from the main menu to test it out, after I saved and restarted the game I disabled it from the menu but it still showed up in-game?

Welcome to the forums and modding.

In theory no, mods cannot break save games. If you remove a mod it will still show up in game but have a ‘?’ in place of the mod name. The game should continue to run as it should.

To remove it, you’d need to clear all of their planned/active flights and then cancel the contract. It would then not show anymore.

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Welcome! And just like Rubble said, mods should not affect your save games. We thought about this which is why saves will still work without any mods. It just won’t be able to load the logo etc. from the airlines.


Well, earlier this week i tried someone elses save, and couldn’t get passed ‘loading businesses’