Will the new update with two floors break saves?


Will the new update with two floors break saves? Or is it possible to still build one floor airport if you like. Converting an airport from one floor to two, will be a cool challenge while still keeping it open, then you really have to plan the flights and keep the schedule empty at night, and plan the building so it’s done in the morning and operational hehe.


Developers mentioned that, old save games will be compatible with new multifloor feature. The important thing will be the jetway connection. Currently it is connected to foundation directly (on ground floor) but with multiple floors, jetway connection will be on first floor.

So you may have to build first floor in order to continue your airport but maye that might be changed by developers.

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It is good to hear that. :partying_face:
In the meantime we just buy a bunch of stair trucks…

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Don’t forget the undergound conveyor belts will dissappear and need to be placed again.


For the main part all older saves will work. The major changes will be that all stands will automatically remove jetways since it will mess up path finding otherwise. Also all you “underground” belts will be placed on -1 when you load the save but escalators will be removed and need to manually be rebuilt due to the new conveyor belt system. This might initially cause some issues with stuck bags but should sort itself out after a few flights. We will get back with more details once we go to experimental. :slight_smile:


Ahhhh, maybe travelators/moving walkway coming to game anytime soon?.. with multiple floors, large aircrafts passengers won’t have much time to go to their gates and in result delay a flight!.