Will we construct train stations?


Will the train stations (once they are implemented) be a single object or will we have to zone them as a room and then kit them out- ie build platforms? I think it would be kinda cool if the design of the station was up to us…


Please keep in mind that this is Airport CEO and not Train Station CEO :stuck_out_tongue:


Great idea. Managing the platforms and how the flow of passengers interact between Terminal and Train/Bus/Monorail stations would be awesome :grin:


Maybe the sequel to Airport CEO! We could have all sorts- Bus-station CEO, Port CEO and Train-station CEO!:joy:


Actually you won’t manage the train station, but building it according to the terminal design is important for the management of the airport. I don’t see it as being out of the ACEO scope.


Many airports have trainstation, but often they are undergroud or subway. They also have monorails maybe some time after release they could be added.


I could this being implemented in two ways. First would be inter-terminal connections via a tram, train or monorail. Also public transport to getting to and from the airport. I look at Schipol which has a major rail connection, it would be interesting have to integrate mass-transit in your airport to alleviate motor vehicle congestion.


I am almost positive that the developers have already talked about train stations. They want it to be in the game in the future but due to some current technical stuff it will not be in the first versions.


Hence the stuff in brackets…


Good thought. I think it is vital for a detailed game although that will take time. We can consider the train company too :slight_smile: see what the Devs and community thinks


haha well that is an idea :wink:



I think there should be some underground train stations that go with the airport in the future ,so people could build concourses with their airport terminal.