Wind, waiting and taxi

Something i wanna bring up is that atm wind dosen’t matter for takeoff. It will always be the same side of the runway for takeoff/landing.

Also atm, the ATC is not optimized, planes will wait for other planes that is very far away. And in those cases it would be more realistic that it got the bush back, and then started taxi. Ofc it all depends on the layout of taxiways and so on but basically they should always have to wait for each other at the latest point possible.


It’s just aesthetic.
IMHO, wind does not really make sense as long as your runways can only have two orientations: up/down or left/right.

I can agree on the one with wind, Since we only have two directions.

Long time ago, before runway exits were a thing (holding points were instead) the direction of wind affected from which way planes took off and landed. Then runways got the arrows layer during construction, showing which way the planes will land or take off. Wind affecting the runway choice will hopefully come back again after the weather gets some overhaul.

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