Windows in the walls


There is a proposal to add the ability to build windows in the walls.
This will add realism and more opportunities for design.

I saw this in SimAirport.
It’s very beautiful when the shadow hits the building.

Glass Panels

Simairport is 2-2,5-3D-ish (not joking) game but AirportCEO is a solid 2D game. Even though windows look good in that game it doesn’t mean it would look good or even noticeable in AirportCEO.

My though is even you add windows, due to the concrete between window and roof, you won’t see window’s itself or its effects. MAYBE the light effect could be considered but it depends on Developers.


Something like this might work?


While I know it’s architecturally wrong, It would give the impression of windows and would be easy to implement? It could also be a fixed width like doors too that is placed on top of walls like doors?

It would also add some visual interest.


Pinging @Jettuh to see if he’s made any additional thought process on this. We tried it a few months ago but agreed that we at that point could not make it achieve the current standard of the game’s visuals… it’s more difficult than what one would think.


I have not,

Want to work on doors tomorrow, ill give windows another shot as well


Actually, having the light effect would be interesting, should lights be an important consideration in building the airport (currently it doesn’t). There are also other benefits to windows in an airport, ranging from navigation to comfort/environment rating

Another interesting facet/trade-off is the gain in energy inefficiency when installing windows. This would mean you’d need to pump more machines/capital for climate control and for electricity bills.

So yes, these are mostly indirect effects on the airport, but still effects nonetheless.

That being said, I can see why it’s hard to implement windows in the base game.


I feel that windows would be a nice addition, though not essential for gameplay directly. I believe that items, objects and systems that directly affect the game are far more important at this point. Nevertheless, it’s always good to discuss such things!


Did a quick try on windows.

I think this could work really well. Got lots of other ideas too, so can’t wait for item modding. :smile:



Love the game and this forum! (until now I only read, first active post)

Found a recent link to this topic, and gived it a try myself.
Really liked @VulcanFox his test.

I think if you keep a sill on the outside and no windowprofile on top of it, it gives a somewhat more spacious feeling.

Than you can see the inside flooring trough the glas.

Mayby possible with shadows, but not that easy to make it work in the game, i think.
Or the possibility to chose the coulour yourself?

Bad windows

I like it, looks realistic and good from above


Windows in walls and glass partitions needs to be a thing. I know @Jettuh has been experimenting last few days, while personal work. ARGHHHH make it so… Picard.



How do I get these Glass wall mods ?

Thank you much!



it is an experiment they are not in game i beliieve :wink:


Oh ok,

But how are they able to use it like the below ?


Those are photoshopped @NinoD

As for the windows, vote for it and ill make it :wink:
right now the biggest issue is shadowing and lighting, but we’ll get there eventually, maybe a simplified version rather than what i want to do in my head.


Noted !


Where to vote?


In future voting area. There is probably a topic for it. But voting is closed at the moment as the last features are currently to be implemented. After that the voting will open again.


Roger !


I’ll get you guys some windows in a few weeks :wink: