WOW air ceased operations


WOW air ceased operations



Yeah , because they ceased there operations we will do that airline as mod for aceo :slight_smile:


many airlines closing



Its just sad. This weekend will be the last time i will fly with Joon that also will be closed after this weekend :sob:


I remember Monarch well, my dad worked for them right up until the end. I flew with them a few times due to free flights for employees and their families. I mostly remember flying with them from Gatwick to Orlando Sanford just before they stopped long haul flights and and then more recently from Gatwick to Barcelona just a month before they went bankrupt. Customer service was always superb and their was nothing that the flight attendants wouldn’t help with, so sad to have seen them go. :weary:


Sad thing is, a lot of people loose their jobs, around 1000 with WOW Air… Also passengers and personnel oversees were just a bonded as WOW air just stopped, so passengers and personnel had to find their way home again themselves…


Luckily icelandair offered heavily reduced flights for those who were stranded overseas in an attempt to get them home


I heard the founder of WOW Airlines wants to start a new airline.


This is sad news but I have found some info…