Wow. Just Wow

This is the first time I have started a new airport without a sandbox mode for quite some time really, so a lot of the content implemented has been relatively unused except flying big birds, which is awesome. I just opened the game after Steam notified me of the latest update. All I can say is wow. This game is absolutely gorgeous already. I’ve been here for a significant chunk of the development time and knowing where it started and what it is right now? Speechless. This game is solid. The complexity of the R&D system… it’s a totally different game than it was before that launch. Knowing I can’t simply build a massive airport in sandbox mode for giggles and have to build out… it’s a new game to me now.

A small suggestion for enhancement and polishing. Maybe others can post them below… Can we get an R&D status indicator on the screen? It’d be helpful. That may even find it’s way from a player created mod…

Well done devs.

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