You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it


hi , my name is modair , we(the A-CEO Modding Group) are searching for new airlines , witch we can do. So write me if you want a airline .
If we do it , you will find it in our Collection :

we are all part of our ACEO Modding group


I challenge you, do a Norwegian Air Shuttle, Air baltic, Finnair, Scandinavian (SAS), lufthansa.


sure i can do that , air baltic is online from my friend in this mod:
The rest sure i can do :slight_smile: But that need some time , a lot of planes :slight_smile:
Thank you for your wishes :smile:


You know a lot of those are already done? Look in the ACEOMM threads and you’ll find out which have already been created. Not saying you cannot do them either, just a heads up. We’re always grateful and thankful for new mods :slight_smile:


I want to do the most airlines in the world , so that is no problem , at Sim Airport i have already done the most. And i not like the ACEOMM manager , i not like the hole system of mods in a-ceo , here it is hard to see what airlines are already done and what not. That is much better in sa.


Take a look here…


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi, it would be nice if you made an S7 airline company. I am from Russia and this is my favorite airline. It is not very large, but has a beautiful green livery. I would be very grateful)

S7 Airlines fleet consists of some Airbuses, Boeings, Embraers.


We will implement that. :smiley: Soon will be added to trello board! And eventually completed!

  • Fleet
    Boeing 737-800
    That’s all planes that are currently in ACEO, that are in S7 fleet :wink:


Thank you!:grinning:


But that will need some time , because we have a lot of wishes to do at moment :slight_smile:


Hello, your work is amazing. The more real liveries we have the better :stuck_out_tongue:
But ofc we need some fictions ones as well and here is mine.

There is Trance radio show Called ASOT ( A STATE OF TRANCE) And i would like to dedicate an airline to them.

And i’m thinking ASOT AIR, so on the airplane it says ASOT, on like the engines. Just google " a state of trance’ and go to pictures, and you’ll see what kind of color theme they have. In my head, the enginge is deep orange, with the text ASOT on in purple. And the body is like purple fading into blue or maybe even orange.


Oh wow! I’ve been using your sim airport collections for a while now, and you do really good work. I would love to see Monarch or Airberlin, even though they are no longer in service, they kind of fit in with the other fake airlines. Thank you for joining this community!


There’s already one airberlin done but sure we can make another one Monarch comes to list! :grinning:

  • We may do it a bit later as there’s too many work we have to do sorry for inconveniences!


Thank you for your nice words. I Sure i can do that , but we have a lot of wishes in the last days , so that will need some time , until it will be online. (at moment we get more wishes as we can do)


WE have so many wishes that i can not do it alone , to also Juliusfamguyrblx and PrgScroll help me.
we founded a A-CEO Modders Group for that. You see who creates what at our trello side:


I dont understand the mod mode. Could you sum up the mod mode and how use it?


Since you offered yourself up for exploitation, I now have to do so. :sweat_smile: So, I would like to have Austrian Airlines, Croatia Airlines and maybe throw in Danubewings.


sure we can do that :slight_smile: Austrian is already on our list to do :slight_smile:


TAROM 737-800 (retro livery online in 3 minutes)

In MyEuro pack
There’s some issues mod will be uploaded tomorrow instead of today sorry for inconvenience