You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it


Aeroflot now up online:

…as is WOW


Well, I guess I will throw in a tiny airline flew once, Smartlynx.


Hi , this airlines is already in the game , made by juliusfumguy(steam) / juliusTheCanadianAv(here)
You will find it in the ACEO Modding Group collection :slight_smile: here:


How wonderful, I had no idea. Thank you very much.


Ill re do it later.


How about vietjet air?



VietJet is also already in game , but it comes on our list to do :slight_smile:


Hello, it would be great if you could do Bahamasair Boeing 737-800 and Bombardier q400 please. I will put the pictures below for you to see what it look like.




Thank you :slight_smile: It comes on the list to do :slight_smile:


Hello, I would love to see the following aircraft:

Nouvelair A320
Tunisair A319 and ATR72

Thanks for all the work you’re doing! :slight_smile:


Tunisair is already in game at the ACEOMM. with A320 + 737-600 , but it comes on our list to do, also Nouvelair. Thank you for your ideas :slight_smile:


South African is now also online here:

I hope you will like it :slight_smile: (with A319 + A320)


Hello my dear friend! Tell me please, how much does KD wait livery? Thank you!


Normaly it would take realy some time until it will be delivered to you :slight_smile: But because you ask nice , i try to do it faster , maybe i do it this week for you :wink: (but not sure) I try to do it as fast as possible , ok ?


Thank you very much for the speed! Better make quality than the curve =) I am looking forward livery =)


Do you want it with 737-600 or 737-800 ? (we not have a 737-300 )


737-800 ))


OK :slight_smile: VIM will not come so fast , because it is already in game (ACEOMM) , and we have now over 80 airlines open to do. So we do the wishes for airlines witch are not in game first.


What is being requested for VIM?