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Montenegro airlines !


Comes on our list to do :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:


Fuji Dream now online. Available in all these colours:

…and yellow :slight_smile:


What should be (probably) my last mod? Update Air Baltic mod or do something other ?


working on airBaltic new livery…


Montenegro Airlines you say? :wink:

Online soon!


Ingame shot


Have a 737-800 in addition to the 737-600 for the fictional ASOT Air.

And a Great Lakes Airlines Beechcraft 1900D when the 1900D is available for modding.


Western Pacific - Simpsons Livery now online.


Hello! You can make liveries for the following airlines:
Belavia B737-800 and Embraer E1XX
Nordavia B737-600(700) and Smartavia (B737-800, operated by Nordavia)
Yamal A320/321
Thank you very much!


I’ll make Belavia once I have time, maybe even today…


Did anybody want Blue Air?! :heart_eyes: Well 737-600 is now completed (Will be replaced with 737-500 when it’s available…) 737-800 Enters production tomorrow.

Here’s Blue Air 737-600 in WIP.

Montenegro Airlines :

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hmm, maybe the apoapsis airlines from the start menu of the game? I know there’s isn’t that aircraft in the game, but you could do this on smaller one!


Peach now online.


Hi El Al is now also online here:


Guys, should I do Liverpool Blue Air’s livery ? :heart_eyes:


Yes please


I mean this one… That will be done tomorrow, ordinary Blue Air uploads today evening:), I need find high res pictures for Liverpool logo.


BLUE AIR Online now! :

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Should I make KLM Cityhopper a separate airline or make single one “KLM”

If yes, please reply under this message or like it, if no reply with “no”

  • Thank you


Flybe! :grinning: