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In response to @JuliusTheCanadianAv, I think it would be nice to note for realistic-ness, that separating out regional carriers from their parent operator will help. A perfect example airport I think we are all familiar with is LCY. You only see EMBs, Avros, A220s, A318 etc. I don’t know if 737s/A320s operate there regularly. If regionals end up being lumped in with their parent company, then you can’t have an airport of “just regionals.” If only we could designate which aircraft types are allowed to park at specific stands, then we wouldn’t run into this issue, right @Olof?


PS : Lufthansa Regional coming soon :eyes:


Transaero please :airplane:


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Its very fast)) thank you so much!


Air Macau is now also online with A319 + A320 here:


Hi Player 560 , your wish Air Macau us online now :slight_smile:


KLM Cityhopper online now ! :slight_smile:


TED by United is now online with A320 here:


Allegiant Air now online.


Just saw in another thread that the A321 mod kit should be available now :smiley:


Hello there, since the A321 mod kit is now out, maybe you could redo Austrian. Well, not really redo, but do their newest livery. At the time in real life, they only have it on A320s and A321s (767s and 777s, but yeah), you can just also put it on their A319s, E190 (E195s but yeah) and Q400s.The current mod is for their 2015 livery (which I do not like), but they introduced a much more appealing livery in late 2018.


That’s I can do right now :slight_smile:


Also, I cannot find those new logos :confused:


Could be that the livery is still quite new, and logos were not made yet. That is alright, you can always do it at a later day.


I can take logos from Aircraft picture so that’s no problem. :slight_smile:


@Matex looking good so far?


Exactly as it should.


That’s for now (not completed, @modair will take over as he has done it before, not 2015 livery. )


Air India online.