You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it


Saw wanted to put in list but knew someone would’ve asked for it :upside_down_face: Thanks for photo too couldn’t find good quality ones


Yeah, have edited it a little logo wise :wink: Thx.

I could join team, but it’s finding the time to do anything, as I can get quite busy :wink:


Yeah I do quite busy too :slightly_smiling_face: I am currently on work this week … :neutral_face:


Would you be able to do this beauty on a 737-800? :heart_eyes:


If you want to join the team , please send me a friendship offer at steam that i can send you the trello invitation , that you need to write at the board. :smile:
here is my profile at steam:


Sure i can do that , i already have done that plane for Sim Airport , so no problem at all :slight_smile:


Malev with Q400 + 737-600 + 737-800 is online now :smile:

you find it here:


Porter is now also online. (not 100% like in real because you have without titels nearly a white plane.

here you find it :


The KLM in Special Livery is online here :
We have no 777 here in the game to i have used the 757-200

I hope you will like it :smiley: I know not 100% like the real plane but hard to do like that :slight_smile:


Can you make Transavia 737-800/-600 (Instead of the -700 which is not in game)?


Transavia is already on our list to do , so yes :slight_smile:


Ok! I just love the livery!


Love the KLM, since the game has 737-800s and KLM flies those, if you get bored… Just saying :wink:


Everything ok :slight_smile: You mean that you also want the 737-800 in that livery ? :wink:
but at moment we have so a long list to do (around 70 airlines) so that i think i do the open airlines first .
Is that ok for you :thinking: (maybe i do it somewhere between)


Yes, and of course, take your time! Greatly appreciate all the great work!


Austrian retro is online! Logo fixed tomorrow


NEW Update for retro Austrian arrived! A320 white tail stripe is now bigger and more realistic also logo in right placement !

Thank you for downloading my mod!

Goodnight! :slight_smile:


Hawaiian Airlines mod is now also online here:

because we have no A321 i have done it as A320, i hope it is ok so :slight_smile:


Hello , Spirit Airlines with A319+A320 is now also online here:

I hope you like it :smiley:


I created a Brussels Airlines livery about a year ago which should be available somewhere in the Modding Community (Mod Manager) :smiley: I however found the files on my computer, which you can download here: Download A320 Brussels Airlines

Have fun!