Your favorite airline!


Because my account is not THAT Old, I wanted to know more about you guys. So the question is: What is your favorite airline? Mine is Transavia (Holland)


KLM- Its the only airline where you can be flown by royalty.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain king speaking’…


You are from one of the provinces Noord/Zuid Holland right? :smile: Otherwise it has to be Transavia (the Netherlands) :wink:


Aegean where you get meals in a 1 hour flight​:greece::greece:


Jet Blue is definitely the best Airline here in America-land.


Well, I had great flights with China Southern Airlines, in Asia AirAisa is awesome, in Europe I loved Austrian Airlines, but it’s not that good any more since Lufthansa bought them… So in Europe I think KLM is my favourite one, too… :smiley:


MY IS GOOSE AIRLINES :slight_smile:


LOL Good one😂


My favorite airline is Transavia! My girlfriend also works as a flight attendant there so I often may take a seat in the cockpit to enjoy the landing! I can’t do that with any other airline, so that’s why!


Willy also flies his own jet whenever he can!


Mine is JetBlue because of the FREE FOOD!!!