Your favorite airline!

What is your favorite airline? Mine is Transavia (Holland)


KLM- Its the only airline where you can be flown by royalty.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain king speaking’…


You are from one of the provinces Noord/Zuid Holland right? :smile: Otherwise it has to be Transavia (the Netherlands) :wink:

Aegean where you get meals in a 1 hour flight​:greece::greece:

Jet Blue is definitely the best Airline here in America-land.


Well, I had great flights with China Southern Airlines, in Asia AirAisa is awesome, in Europe I loved Austrian Airlines, but it’s not that good any more since Lufthansa bought them… So in Europe I think KLM is my favourite one, too… :smiley:

MY IS GOOSE AIRLINES :slight_smile:

LOL Good one😂

My favorite airline is Transavia! My girlfriend also works as a flight attendant there so I often may take a seat in the cockpit to enjoy the landing! I can’t do that with any other airline, so that’s why!

Willy also flies his own jet whenever he can!

Mine is JetBlue because of the FREE FOOD!!!

My favourite airline is easyjet as I have received satisfactory service from them on every flight I have been on with them. Also, I have arrived in 1 piece after every flight…

My is Airbaltic. Latvian airline :latvia:

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My favourite airline is Malaysia Airlines because I got to be in the cockpit after the flight,for taking pictures and have some fun in there

Transavia has a very nice balance between being a low cost carrier that is still comfortable. I don’t need an airline to serve me food on short flights nor give me ‘free’ drinks, it just adds unnecessarily to the price when I could just get my own (favorite) sandwich at the airport prior to departure. I do on the other hand want a clean aircraft and friendly staff that actually welcome you.

Just make sure you book the emergency exit seats if you’re Dutch and have long legs, it makes a massive difference in comfort and isn’t that expensive.

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My favourite airline is Etihad Airways its because they always have a great service on board. They let me sit in the cockpit of one of their A380s (A6-APB) after a flight from LHR-AUH before my connection of the Seychelles on board their A320. They also have an interesting livery so to speak.

Swiss International Airlines, not as great as was Swissair but still awesome service also on short haul

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Transavia is also my preferred Airline. I guess I have to because my girlfriend is a CA2 on board of one of these beauties!

Definitely Delta!

Boil were is southwest it’s like the best of them all!