Additional Services Help (catering, de-icing, etc)

Hi everyone, I’ve just started playing ACEO since Alpha 35 was launched and loving everything about the game. It allows me to get back into the world of aviation while we’re in lockdown!

I do have a question about the additional services that can be offered to the planes, such as catering, de-icing, rubbish collections. Is there a way that these services can be offer to specific plane sizes or to a specific terminal using the terminal zoning tool?

I tried to place a small de-icing station down to offer the service to small planes but the medium planes then kicked off as they couldn’t access it!

Any help is much appreciated and to the dev team, keep up the fantastic work!

  1. No you can not specify which aircraft or airlines get what services. It’s either all or none.

  2. For De-icing small aircraft can access medium and large pads and medium aircraft can access medium and large pads. but not lower. So you should provide pads for the size of the aircraft you have or larger. I haven’t tried only putting small pads when I have small and medium aircraft so now sure how that works.

what do you mean kicked off for the medium aircraft?

If only small ones are available, higher classes do not request de-iceing.

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yea I figured. I just never have done that… I’ve always supported all aircraft when I add deicing. thanks for clarification on that @no-fun… im curious what he meant by medium planes then get kicked off though…

The only sad thing at the moment is, that smaller aircrafts do only use their own de-iceing pad size if it is available. Even when a larger option is closer and unused. :frowning:
It should have a toggle like the runways (where this concept is currently broken too).

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Thanks @twocflyer

  1. Could that be something that is developed into the game

  2. When I say “kicked off” - I mean I got lots of notifications says the medium aircraft couldn’t find a de-icing pad when I enabled the service through the operations menu.

De-icing pads get the same kind of controls as normal stands with Alpha 36, except for airline specificity, i.e. you will be able to select if medium sized aircraft can utilize large de-icing pads in Alpha 36.