Airbus A310 and Boeing B767-200

The Airbus A310 and Boeing B767-200 are the shortest widebodies aircrafts that were on the market, these planes however are still in service with some PAX airlines today, like Air Transat (A310) and Iran Air (A310) as well as some VIP operators. For the B767-200 there are Air Zimbabwe, Eastern Airlines, Weststar Aviation and Jordan Aviation. Though some B767-200 operators didn’t retire them till 2015 like American Airlines and Utair. The main reason why I’m suggesting these two aircrafts is that they can be loaded up to the L1 door as they only have 4 main entry doors on the fuselage instead of 6 or more like most widebody airliners, the A310 and B762 can fit on the medium aircraft stand because they are medium sized airliners.

Here are some pics of the aircrafts:

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I actually have a MDK version of the 767-200. I chose it because of its size and it just about does fit in a medium stand.