Airline Contracts


When you sign a contract will it last indefinitely or will it have to continually sign the contract back with different terms? I’m not sure why but the idea of having to sign contracts over and over again seems like it may get a little bit boring after a while.


I think you should have to sign the contract again. Not daily but maybe like every year because if an airline has more routes to your airport you’re going to want to keep them there therefore they can ask for better deals yearly. That’s what I think anyway so therefore I am saying they should make it so u sign a contract with the airline yearly like renewing it


At 42:06 you can see an airline contract. It says 14 days. Probably will next video show more about this subject. :slight_smile:


I think an airline should first ask for a general contract with your airport if they are interested. So in this contract you will see the fees they gonna pay for each aircraft type and services. Then I should be able to negotiate the main airline contract lets say they wanna pay me for the parking fee of an B737 / A318 … 500 USD and I think its not enough so I make a tick in the box behind parking fee and reject this part of the contract and “sent” it back. So when the contract comes back from the airline they maybe increased this fee or not and I can accept the contract of reject it. I think you should be also able to see very easy if it is a “cheap” airline or a “major” airline. You could indicate it with stars maybe like in the hotel industry 1 - 5 stars. After that the airlines are able to send me flight requests. The flight requests should be also sent like contracts for a flight where you can see where the flight is going to, STA, STD, how many pax are booked, if it has cargo, which service the flight needs, an overview what the landing, parking, service fees etc. are. If the airline is operating a lot out of your airport they can ask for a hub request and get better deals.

DevLog 97: Alpha 24 Deployed, Airline & Livery Modding Enabled, Steam Cloud Saves Enabled and the Future of the Airline Contract system

Great Idea, like in other Airport Tycoon Games. But as we can see in the Video, we only can take or leave the deal. in my opinion the negotiation makes the difference between a good and a bad ceo.
We’ll see it in the next Video! I Hope so :wink:


This is very reminiscent of the original airport tycoon 3 i believe, where you get a master contract per airline, and then successive flight contracts


Not everything was bad in AT3 ;). I loved this. Negotiations makes a Tycoon Game so Special. (Airline Contracts, Shop Contracts, Hotel Contracts)
#MakeAirportGamesGreatAgain :wink:

@Olof & @Fredrik can you tell us sth. about this?


Fingers Crossed!!

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Yes it is and I loved that part in the game :wink:


This would be soooo big and great…


Yes! I really liked that part. I think as a CEO you feel more in control if you have the ability to negotiate your on contracts.


I really like the idea of a master contract which tells all the terms of a airline company and that flight schedules can come after this. I would add a minimal weekly flights to the master contact terms, which binds both airport and the airline to allow at least (x) flights to land and depart each week from the airport. And yes, i would love to have a weekly flight schedule, which allow some flights to be something else that daily, which would add more challenge if a airline has demands like a minimum of a daily fixed hours schedule.

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yes! Good idea I liked that part.


Would be great if airline was scheduling flights, for times they want, like In morning, evening, noon, midnight, also airline sets a contract for unlimited time, unless route is unpopular, unprofitable airline cancels contract, if flight is popular, and has high demand, airline would raise flights per week example : Air France : Lyon - Paris 5x times a week, plane (“A321”)= 50% = autumn season, plane (“A321”) = 98%= summer season, etc.
If demand high on all seasons or in one, Summer = 10 times a week, Autumn = 6 times a week :star_struck:

@Olof and @Fredrik I hope you understand! :slight_smile:


The flights that are not very popular could be done seasonaly like what real airlines do.


Or they don’t fly every day. Eg just Monday, Wednesday and Friday (also used in reality)

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What also could be handy is that the plane types that the airline will be using are listed in the contract proposal.

Seems like a minor addition that gives some clarity.