Airline levels


Feature request title:

Airline levels


Like the stores I believe that the airlines should have star levels. Higher quality airlines will have larger planes, pay more money and have wealthier passengers willing to spend more in shops. How ever these airlines have certain requirements. These could be many things so here is a list.

Baggage service

Fuel service

Ramp agents

Catering and de-icing (when they are added)

Short walk to gate or moving walkways

A quick check in and security process, they might need a certain amount of check in desks and security checkpoints per gate.

No remote stand

Lots of seating and shops


Why it should be implemented:

This would allow us to make the decision on whether to spend the money and get a good airline or be cheap and get a cheap airline.
Right now there is no reason to spend money on building terminals to fit more gates in when we can use remote stands. This adds a new choice on what type of airport we want to run, a budget or high class airport.

Ideas pack

Love this idea @Olof @Fredrik


There are already star levels given to individual flights - those work exactly as you describe, and scale up as your airport offers more services.

Although I do see how this could be applied at the airline level, with airlines giving higher level flights depending on their rating and how happy they are with you.


I understand there is the flight star system but I was saying there would be higher quality airlines with more whelthy passengers that are more likely to spend money.