Airport Building Challenge on Twitch

Hey Guys,
i wanna start a stream project, where Viewers give me Ideas of some Airports (small Airports in the beginning please) and me as a full newbie gonna try to rebuild them. I have a brainstorm-tool down here vvv
The Stream features: Live-cam, Realtime Communication(small delay), Realtime research, fully unprepared :smiley: cause im just a beginner and a player like u all guys.
I think i will do them in Sandbox w/o Building time and Materials needed so we save some time and not getting bored.
Also, NCS Background Music will be there in the background.
Please give me my first ideas here
Put Ideas Here
and also my Channel link over here:

Cool! I’ll give you a follow and share it with the AR server.

Welcome to the forum. :+1:
the idea is cool, I send my proposal to the airport to build. :blush:

Thank you ^^

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Hey Guys, I’m really (positive) surprised about the ideas already, guess I have to stream a lot at all ;3,
I hope I find enough time for that but we gonna get this Bread xd
Thank you guys ^^

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On my Debut on Friday, i tried but i think i still got a proportional problem…
gonna continue SUnday i guess