Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


You are partially right, 1 arrow should be there per exit. However the newly built A319s have 2 emergency exits on both sides. They had to increase it because the pax capacity is greater than in the old ones but still lesser than in A320s.

Check for example D-AGWB from Eurowings (ex Germanwings)

If you want the make the modell right in the game either remove 1 curved arrow that is not connecting to emergency exit (that is the old A319) or add an emergency exit to that curved arrow (new A319).


Well, guys, I’m having trouble with a ramp agent who keeps asking for the service car even though it’s not presaging and my flights are running late because of that. Note. I’m building 2 airports one on the other.


I still notice one of the reported bugs of a ramp agent being stuck on the belt loader.

Do other people still encounter this bug, or is it just me (running from a save from the experimental)?


Yes I was just going to submit this its delaying flights too…the animation shudders and breaks the loading sequence plane gets delayed waiting on baggage and it never unloads as well.


I’ve been running my post-bug fix tests on save that we’re from Alpha 27 and was unable to reproduce the issue, we did have several critical bugs with baggage in terms of the model class which is essentially where all data is stored which are prone to cause these kinds of issues and while I haven’t checked our back log yet (trying not to work too much on weekends) I suspect that if a lot of new players have an issue with this on new saves then the bugs is not fixed, however if it’s only on saves that have gone through the experimental process it won’t be something we’re going to look at.


I’m having this problems with baggage on an airport that i started with Alpha 28 on the experimental. Should i start another airport on the default branch to fix the problem? Btw if you want i can send you my save file


Seems like under 28.4-0 you are able to open the airport to traffic without ATC Tower… :smiley: Bug report has been filed.


ACEO-6955, just submitted. Upon reload, random rooms will be deleted. I’ve only noticed it happened to bathrooms and staff rooms (so far, no baggage claim areas). This is a brand new build airport.


I’ll give it a try on a new build and see.


We’ve had to fix with the office today, assembling furniture and stuff so that we can work at optimal pace from now on. Have gotten several great bug reports so will deploy an update tomorrow! If you’re experiencing issues with belt loaders simply don’t use them until this bug fix is coming up!


Just lost a chuck of employee hiring because I minimized my game, and it would not bring back the window. It would bring up the window bar at the top, but just show my desktop. I could tell the UI was working underneath because I could hear buttons as I moved my mouse around (as well as the gameplay sounds). :frowning:


Alpha 28.4-1 is on its way out to the experimental branch where it will be soaking for a few hours, has a number of very important fixes in place for remote stands, vehicles in general (stuck ones, belt loader) as well as check-in and other procedures. Check em out below:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 28.4-1


  • [ACEO-6909] - Vehicles transitioning from node based follow path to non-node based follow path can deadlock when not resetting current speed correctly
  • [ACEO-6934] - Disable object connectability if object attempting to connect to is not built
  • [ACEO-6964] - Lack of notification messages for why a certain flight has no check-in desks allocated can cause operational confusion
  • [ACEO-6985] - Ramp agents sometime do not execute belt loader baggage transfer correctly
  • [ACEO-6995] - Missing NullReferenceException on boarding desk connection of airside shuttle bus causes connection issues
  • [ACEO-6999] - CRJ700 has incorrect baggage loading position causing belt loaders to leave early and deadlock ramp agents
  • [ACEO-7016] - Legacy UI code in operation overview panel can cause annoying dialog panels and baggage handling slider to be disabled
  • [ACEO-7040] - Flight on remote stands scheduled near 00:00 cause shuttling jobs not to be correctly generated due to un-representable date time object
  • [ACEO-7045] - Revert aircraft ECS to allow for better performing taxiway occupation system


Great! Thanks for that!
Belt loader seems to work fine, now!

But unfortunately remote stands are still not working properly:
-Vehicles are often not in waiting position at stand, even if flight has already arrived.
-same with ramp agents
(I have 2 or 3 times more vehicles/staff than needed…)
-but worst issue is (still) that buses are not recognizing how long it will take to reach the airplane. So they have to drive to remote stand at about 30 minutes, but they are leaving bus stop just 30or 40 minutes before plane has to leave. So result is: while plane is already finished (except of boarding) and waiting for an hour, buses are arriving very late (5min or less before planned takeoff) , boarding takes time, planes are delayed, up to 1 hour.

and I had a funnny incident report about a flight which number never was schedueled… :slight_smile: (bug report sent)

Edit: just had incident report again… it is always 1 number less than flight numer. e.g. incident report about flight “AL917” means flight “AL918”…


Now I’m facing pax walking around on my remote stands / airfield… :frowning:
bug report sent (7079, I think)

my remote stands are closed down for maintance, again… :wink:


Both of these issues are due issues with the current job fetching system, or rather lack of logic which is about to get fixed this week (or at least I will start working on an overhaul today, not sure when finished).

Yes, that’s new. Were you able to schedule it correctly after reading the notification? What did the notification say and what action did you take?

The numbering is correct. We’ve adapted a standard for flight numbering conventions as can be read in this article:

For destinations served by multiple flights per day, numbers tend to increase during the day. Hence, a flight from point A to point B might be flight 101 and the return flight from B to A would be 102, while the next pair of flights on the same route would usually be assigned codes 103 and 104.

Adjusted for Airport CEO of course, but the basis is that arriving flights will always have a number lower by 1 than the departing flight. The flight number updates when the arriving part of a turnaround process is completed.


Thanks, didn’t know that about flight numbers changing…
Hopefully I’m the only one being confused by that… :wink:

The incident was about finding no check-in desk for baggage. As I had only 6 desks for 4 stands and all desks already occupied, the incident was correct and I solved it by connecting another two check-in desks to that baggage bay… after I found out which flight was meant. :wink:

looking forward to see this new logic! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I can not reload that save anymore, as game crashes during loading (“loading game world”).

Bug report sent, tried it 3 times, doesn’t load any more… :frowning:

Edit: ACEO-7078


Don’t see it too often but most likely you’re not the only one… I’ll have a look at your reports.


Your output_log indicates something went haywire when saving, most likely not the ACEO (famous last words) client but something relating to your OS or other system application or the Unity engine itself… I’m saying this since you’ve saved you games prior with no problems (right?) and still can (right?) and the log files show that there’s been some form of critical data writing error - unfortunately that save is corrupt if you have no backup. @Fredrik, we should implement an option to keep the five last auto-saves to prevent these types of data writing bugs to obliterate a save.


JFYI: Alpha 28.4-1 was pushed on the default branch. Deemed more stable than 28.4-0 looking at the backlog so choice was simple. :slight_smile: