Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released



We’ve decided to deploy Alpha 29 to the default branch as it’s all in all a much better version of the game compared to Alpha 28. Updated the post above with the same information that can be found here:

:slight_smile: :airplane:


New traffic Jam - 8551

Always fun; closing overcrowded bus-stops

Still huge piles of unclaimed baggage on security belts, on reload, about 2100 pieces of baggage dissipated.


@Olof My suggestion:

  1. Add normal & service road underground tunnel, so players can build and connect road to a remote airplane stand/remote terminal building without intercept runway/taxiway.
  2. Make the flight destination more realistic. Until the recent update, I always found the passengers travel to some strange city or some remote island (I don’t even know it’s exist in world map)


As I am one of theses CEOs you mentioned, please note that I do not need new contents/features, which are not working properly.
E.g. I really do not need remote stands, if they are only causing delays (or working only in very limited, particular circumstances). Or is my understanding wrong? Are remote stands only meant to be working in very limited airport-designs?

Please do not misunderstand, you built a great game and doing a great job. Imho many devs out there could learn from you, how to build up a game and a community!

But I’m worrying, as it seems as if you are accepting that some parts/features of your game do not work correctly.

So, could you please give me an answer/information what’s about this two known issues:
-remote stands: lots of delays as boarding starts too late and boarding closes too late; travel distance from bus stop to stand is not considered.
Promised progress when pathfinding-update is implemented, imho, didn’t happen.

-the new UI: UI doesn’t appear properly, when airport is on heavy load; opening some tabs (staff, operations) can take 5-10 seconds

Imho these are bugs we are (or at least I am) suffering from for a very long time, without seeing progress.

I really would like to know, if you are still aware of these issues and if you have any idea when these issues will be solved.


I hear what you are saying and I agree. The content Olof is talking about is mainly new items and objects or variations of existing ones, not so much new logic and systems. We don’t mean that we will drop everything else and say that it is completed but instead add some new fresh content while working on the existing issues.

Remote stand has some flaws yes, we are aware of them and they will be overlooked in January. Path finding per se works very well, but there are some scenarios that can trigger false paths which need to be investigated.

UI yes, glad you brought that up. :slight_smile: We will soon revel our newest member of the team and since he has some previous experience with UI/UX, he will very likely be assigned to that. There are some elements that might need a complete re-design such as the employee panel. That panel is already very optimized in terms of reusable containers etc. in order minimize loading time, but it is clearly not enough. I suspect we need to scrap the existing system and try a different approach, which will obviously take some time.

In short, you can see it as a long list of development tasks we need to do. If a certain task gets a lot of attention, it will be move up the priority list and vice versa. Sometimes we don’t see the forest for the trees and these important issues slips away and gets unintentionally moved down. So we really appreciate you guys helping us and pointing out the problems. So please keep complaining about these things! :smile:


Maybe also good to know:
I’m making most of the new items and objects ingame, Olof/Fredrik implement them (some take more time than others)
But it means that the actual building of this content is not done by Olof or Fredrik, I save them from going through that part of the process.

Unfortunately I’m not able to put my artwork aside and help them with coding, it will guaranteed break the game :smiley:


Thanks for your fast and great explaining reply! That’s great news! :smile:

I’m happy you finally found a new member for your team, especially as it sounds as if he/she will add some important skills to your team! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to what’s coming up and another big thanks for your great game and your extraordinary community communication!


Hi Guys, splendid about game time slown down…
But I since updating to 29.4, I have constant “freezing errors”, boarding process suddenly stops, pax in the terminal before security are frozen, staff is frozen, baggage service is suddenly enabled…
really difficult to play…


Is this bringing a save in? Does it still do this with a new build?


My new build has nothing of the here mentioned issues.


You mean “looked at” instead of “overlooked”?



You all know that feeling when 9 planes wait for the 1?


Baggage; 2 PAX with 1414 baggage - sounds plausible, yes?

Oh, my game just frooze, just spend 2 mil into structures :frowning: - did not enable autosave. Pfff. I added a waypoint on a taxilane, and then it was froozen. Windows still reports the game going, not hang.

When I resize the window


I’ve had freezes too. Takes about a minute to sort itself out.


Oh, ok, for me it took ages - I closed the window.



It’s with a save, not a new build…

It’s doesn’t totally frozen, it’s staff and PAX, game time is continuing like it should.
And new pax arrives and enter, so it’s not like a total game freeze


Just been fined for not completing this contract. Do’h! Report sent. Also when I load a save all of the contracts are offering 0 planes. Makes planning a little difficult.


Why can we not CLOSE a vehicle depot? My vehicles want to go places.

Also, please let us CLOSE secure EXITS.

8565 - medium plane on small stand

8566 - And the other way around


Has anyone noticed when passengers go through security and the secure area exit, they linger for a few seconds after crossing the threshold before continuing on their path? Just seems abnormal. One should/would just continue walking to their destination. I only noticed because I saw lines of people waiting after exiting the secure area, and then they all move in a line after a few seconds.