Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Do you mean the ones with trailers? If they fill up an almost empty 757 for example I’d expect them to go back and get more fuel, but we are of course open to any input for adjustments if this is unrealistic.

Edit: What fuel level does the truck have when going to the depot?

Aircraft type, distance from/to destination and a small randomized modifier is what affects the fuel level.


10.092 - Baggage unloading stuck
10.095 - Baggage loading stuck

oh, we above 10k bug reports :stuck_out_tongue:

10.093 - Build a door in a wall

  1. build a wall
  2. delete the wall
  3. build a door before the wall is demolished

Can we get a tool to move all connections from a baggage carousel to another baggage carousel?

Objects, walls and rooms are still not removed when you remove terminal blocks.


Left baggage is hanging around when removing a baggage pickup area

Bug report failed I think, it hang and now I dont see an ID.

After stopping my baggage service, 2 baggage carts got stalled at a stand - 10.101


Bug with the flight automatic scheduler as it does not automatically assign aircraft to a stand. Bug 10052 or 10051

@Fredrik ik


Hello, last deployment of the week is now on experimental and will get immediately dumped on the default branch due to minor, but important, bug fixes.

Here’s the full change log for Alpha 29.9-4:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.9-4


  • [ACEO-10014] - Room now repeats placement after build
  • [ACEO-10031] - Disabled building buttons if a certain service (baggage, food, shop) is not procured
  • [ACEO-10038] - Updated wall and window texture
  • [ACEO-10049] - Minor performance and stability improvements to couroutine execution
  • [ACEO-10089] - Added season color variations to trees

New Feature

  • [ACEO-10104] - Embraer 170 implemented for airlines Allure, Air Strada, SkyFly, Zoom and Wildcat Air


  • [ACEO-8588] - Persons interacting with a disk placed one tile from a wall end up walking through that wall and getting displaced
  • [ACEO-9769] - Specific scanner does not set correct icon until after it has been placed
  • [ACEO-9866] - Airside shuttle bus and service car incorrectly returns assigned job task if work is disrupted while carrying onboard persons
  • [ACEO-9997] - Passengers get de-serialized and activated on bottom corner if saved while being transited in a vehicle (such as airside shuttle bus or service car)
  • [ACEO-10005] - Reroute 50 bags does not complete in tutorial
  • [ACEO-10015] - Vehicles shuttling onboard persons will immediately abort a job task and seek to deboard those persons if a path-finding request fails
  • [ACEO-10016] - Rock shadow too far away from object
  • [ACEO-10018] - Asset type text incorrect on bag tag
  • [ACEO-10035] - Flight auto planner can stop working
  • [ACEO-10037] - Missing back staff border extension on shop and café counter
  • [ACEO-10040] - Person cars are not spawned for passenger drop-off (only buses)
  • [ACEO-10042] - Detached flaps on ATR
  • [ACEO-10048] - Interaction item point occupation does not work properly when deserializing causing persons to override each-other
  • [ACEO-10071] - HR Director applicants do not regenerate after being rejected
  • [ACEO-10095] - Baggage loading can get stuck if both unloading and loading service truck enter stand at the same time
  • [ACEO-10098] - Faulty airside shuttle bus activity determination can cause roaming loop
  • [ACEO-10099] - When writing save game name, keys strokes can trigger game shortcuts


Can we stop the bags from laying on top of each other on the belt systems whilst moving and also when arriving on the arrival belt please.


I’m still having issues with roaming busses, I filed a report.


Bug 10138. Has anyone noticed the new small boarding desks has staff delays? I have a new airport where they arrive really late in comparison to a regular boarding desk right next to it. I only have them attached to small stands (not remote). Most of the time seems that they come from the farthest points in the airport, not the closest staff lounge…


Still have problems with remote stands. When unloading baggage only one ramp agent works. Other three are grouped in this stand. Report 10139


The plane flew away, but the group of agents did not move. When a new flight arrived, new 4 agents arrived at this stand. There are the same groups in almost all of my medium stands.



looks like they are on strike… lol I’m having the same issues at times


Your not paying them enough :stuck_out_tongue:


@ismtz are they still there when you reload the save file?


In my case it Is the same. Is there one way to fix it ?


My game had several ramp agent issues, just keep reporting them, so @Olof can fix them :wink:


Keep up the amazing work! You guys are doing awesome! Game keeps getting better and better :heart::heart:


Amazing update, fixed a lot of my problems. People now is going to home and the performance is good again.


I have to agree my small laptop with 250mb of video ram and i5 processor with 4 gm ram, can handle over 20000 passengers with a fps of around 10 which is good and my desktop can handle 50000 with a fps of 30.

Massive improvement in the pathfinding and rendering. Well done @Olof @Fredrik @


For some flights nobody has checked-in ( C stands are remotes the other are normal )


I’ve had that problem before. Make sure you have plenty of bus stops and check-in desks. Building more of each should solve the issue!


How many check-in desk do you have in total