Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


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@Olof when is Alpha 30 going to be released?


i feel like a big part of your problem with the buses offload is related to the road design and how the buses will select with bus stop to use. There’s too many choices imho. Also,why have the car drops closest. Most people will take buses. You’re making the most passengers have to travel the farthest to get inside.


Alpha 30 will be deployed to the experimental branch tomorrow afternoon. A new internal version will be deployed very soon, those who have contacted me earlier will get access to it tonight, if you want to test it out on the internal branch but don’t have access you can PM me and I’ll let you in! :slight_smile:


Good afternoon peeps, the deployment of Alpha 30 is imminent but since we’re looking to get Alpha 29 out on the default branch we wanted to get a quick fix in for the stalling vehicles.

Those who have saves where a lot of vehicles have piled up are recommended to press F10 and unoccupy road nodes frequently until congestion is clear. This congestion should not appear once you’ve clear it.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-10


  • [ACEO-11422] - Incorrect error counter for vehicle overtaking system can cause deadlocks


Cheers! Will give it a shot and let you know how it goes.


i see ‘Alpha 30 is imminent’ and think … soon ™

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Goodbye 29 thread. Been an awesome ride… :yum:


Seems threads dont have post limits like personal messeages :wink:


Haha, you leaders… yeah. Thanks for everything Alpha 29. It’s been a ride! Thread is locked and we’re moving on to Alpha 30! Let’s get the bug discussion going there… ! :wink:


Well, well, well!

Back with the absolute last update for Alpha 29, i.e. Alpha 29.11-12. As mentioned in the Alpha 30 thread this update has been deployed to the default branch but without the soundtrack update.

Below is the full changelog between the previous default version and the new default version.

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.12-11


  • [ACEO-11043] - Contractors will fall back on a random construction order if the nearest one is not reachable
  • [ACEO-11047] - Vehicles with shipments for delivery sites behind a vehicle checkpoint will attempt to enter via that delivery site's nearest vehicle checkpoint
  • [ACEO-11057] - Cafe counter tops now colorable
  • [ACEO-11060] - Reduced path deviation generation for running persons and contractors
  • [ACEO-11200] - Added two additional liveries to Beechcraft Baron 58
  • [ACEO-11201] - Secret GA aircraft added (requires paved runway and stand)
  • [ACEO-11306] - Ensure remote boarding does not start before remote deboarding is completed
  • [ACEO-11307] - Added red taxiway icon to runway entrances/exits not properly connected to the taxiway system
  • [ACEO-11313] - Various remote stand stability improvements
  • [ACEO-11378] - Added "reset ramp agent" button to debug panel to reduce save breaking caused by previous remote stand bugs

New Feature

  • [ACEO-11006] - Adapt paint brush tool to work with vehicles
  • [ACEO-11052] - Airbus A321 added for Tulip, SkyFly and Penguin
  • [ACEO-11199] - Piper Cherokee added


  • [ACEO-8793] - Terminal doors visible for remote stands
  • [ACEO-8997] - Insufficient information on why stands without security connection doesn't show up in flight planner
  • [ACEO-9890] - Uncaught exception in job tasks panel sorting can cause its update sequence to stop funcitoning
  • [ACEO-10156] - Flight status and weather panel stay open when management panel is opened
  • [ACEO-10243] - Security areas connect with diagonal neighbors causing two separate security areas to merge, which can cause passenger to get stuck in the wrong terminal
  • [ACEO-10412] - Queuing persons do not distribute correctly between desks when waiting for static queue entry
  • [ACEO-10429] - When deserializing empty fuel depot or truck will disable fueling service
  • [ACEO-10460] - Aircraft sometimes does not leave when all passengers are boarded
  • [ACEO-10464] - Setting first object name on build adds two extra spaces
  • [ACEO-10550] - Airport lighting doesn't always turn on or off in time
  • [ACEO-10566] - Room secure zone status incorrectly determined due to missing calculation method
  • [ACEO-10687] - Australia regions are incorrect in airport database
  • [ACEO-10872] - Rare uncaught exception in aircraft taxi causing aircraft to get stuck
  • [ACEO-10876] - Planes spawned via debug panel can get stuck in bottom left corner (warning message will now appear when trying to spawn unscheduled flights (not recommended!))
  • [ACEO-10930] - Uncaught exception causes fuel truck to stop refueling
  • [ACEO-10941] - Fuel depot tank extensions overflow UI
  • [ACEO-10998] - Persons attempting to distribute evenly across queues do not consider number of static queuers
  • [ACEO-11015] - Ground equipment overlap stair truck for E170 aircraft
  • [ACEO-11024] - Very rare out of bounds exception on construction material order system can cause system to stall
  • [ACEO-11034] - Passengers and employees will run if delayed to a certain flight or job task
  • [ACEO-11040] - Double CEOs can have been serialized on older saves
  • [ACEO-11042] - Incorrect delivery site null reference check for delivery vehicles can cause stalling
  • [ACEO-11049] - Fuel trucks attempting to refuel at an unbuilt fuel depot do not continue to park action instead
  • [ACEO-11050] - Rare none-existent fuel truck bug can cause parking lot spaces to be incorrectly occupied
  • [ACEO-11086] - Incorrect default state of construction validation bool causes strange scatter-like construction patterns
  • [ACEO-11088] - Missing content check on order queue length can cause contractors to stall when constructing
  • [ACEO-11112] - Exit markings incorrect on A319 and A321
  • [ACEO-11120] - Contractors incorrectly claim path issue problem when not able to find construction material
  • [ACEO-11123] - Fight planner auto-planning feature does not respect time separation for remote stands
  • [ACEO-11128] - Incorrect distance checking variable can cause static queues to stall
  • [ACEO-11138] - Aviation fuel supply truck does not leave the airport after completing its delivery
  • [ACEO-11140] - Stand can loose connection to security checkpoint if wall is placed too close to boarding point.
  • [ACEO-11144] - Incorrect interaction point occupation checking method can cause security checkpoints to deadlock as unstaffed
  • [ACEO-11150] - Aircraft E170 and E190 startup wait is too long
  • [ACEO-11154] - Service round and fuel sets as green color in turnaround progress monitor if not requested
  • [ACEO-11157] - Gate door doesn't set as secure if zone has previously been cleared
  • [ACEO-11176] - Onboard persons text in vehicle panel displayed for irrelevant vehicles
  • [ACEO-11195] - Legacy arriving passenger behavior can cause stalling when attempting to leave a secure zone
  • [ACEO-11196] - Service vehicle overtaking system does not function properly
  • [ACEO-11235] - Runway connection error displayed if stand doesn't accept commercial or GA
  • [ACEO-11297] - Rare exception on rescheduling flights can cause planes to not land
  • [ACEO-11330] - Incorrect distance value check for occupying vehicles at service car stops can cause vehicles to stall
  • [ACEO-11353] - Uncaught null reference exception in remote stand service car job ordering can cause job task dispatchment to stall
  • [ACEO-11357] - Vehicles can deadlock when there is no possibility to overtake
  • [ACEO-11371] - Ramp agents abort service round due to un-safe saftey check
  • [ACEO-11379] - Rendering issue for MacBooks with Open GL version lower than 4.0
  • [ACEO-11380] - Gameplay settings panel in main menu does not load correctly
  • [ACEO-11422] - Incorrect error counter for vehicle overtaking system can cause deadlocks
  • [ACEO-11442] - Service vehicles can in certain instances deadlock when overtaking
  • [ACEO-11535] - Missing serialization of attempted target position for fetching security check-points causes persons to ignore certain check-points upon load
  • [ACEO-11592] - Service vehicles attempting to park at parking objects with already assigned vehicle of same type does not clear their assignment
  • [ACEO-11593] - Vehicle trailers do no occupy nodes

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Welcome back old friend :slight_smile:


Important notice: Only Alpha 29 (default) bug discussions here, the thread on Alpha 30 is more likely a better candidate since Alpha 30 is ahead of Alpha 29 with the soundtrack update! :slight_smile: